Ignis Products

We are an authorized dealer of Ignis Products fireplaces since 2015. Ignis Products is based in New York City. They have been on the market since 2011, working hard to cement their reputation as the go-to leader in the ethanol fireplace niche. They pride themselves on offering high-quality, top-of-the-line ethanol fireplaces, burners, grates, and accessories for their valued customers—all at the best possible prices, so that you can enjoy a mix of affordability and long service life from every product they offer.

Ignis Products manufactures their fireplaces and related products overseas, with each design being drawn prior to going into production. All fireplaces are tested before being mass produced, so only top-notch products make the cut. Ignis Products offer the biggest selection of ethanol fireplaces for you to choose from, which makes finding the right unit for your home or office a snap. And because they are convinced that their products are superior to anything else on the market, they offer a three-year warranty on each and every one—so you can buy with confidence. Most of their products are patented, so you may find similar products, but none that stand up to their durability and beauty.

Ignis Product also manufactures a clean-burning ethanol fireplace fuel that is made in the USA, and it is part of their ongoing efforts to reduce the size of our carbon footprint and help their customers live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. Shop our collection of Ignis Products Fireplaces now to find an affordable, environmentally conscious heating option for your home or office.


Electronic Ethanol Burner - Ignis Fireplace Insert - Smart Wi-Fi Black Ethanol Burner
Ignis Fireplace Insert - Smart Wi-Fi Black Ethanol Burner Sold Out - $ 3,210.00