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Best Electric Fireplaces

Best Electric Fireplaces to Buy in 2024

Looking for a stylish and efficient electric fireplace that merges modern technology with ease of use? Our guide showcases the best electric fireplaces on the market, featuring models with the most realistic flames, smart home integration, and innovative designs. From sleek wall-mounted units to charming freestanding options, we highlight the top choices that deliver warmth and ambiance at the touch of a button. Explore our guide to find the perfect electric fireplace that aligns with your lifestyle and enhances your home's decor.

Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

When selecting the best electric fireplace for your home, it's crucial to understand the variety and features available. There are several types of electric fireplaces to consider. Let's break them down by DIY electric fireplace types - they ones that you can easily install yourself, and custom fireplace types - the ones that are more custom and permanent but require professional installation. 

DIY Electric Fireplaces:

If you don't want to do any remodeling, these are the best electric fireplace types for you.

Best DIY Electric Fireplace Types

Wall-mounted - Ideal for modern homes, wall-mounted electric fireplaces save space and can be installed on any wall at any height without any additional remodeling. They come with mounting brackets and plug in into standard household outlets.

Free standing - Versatile and portable, free standing electric fireplaces can be moved from room to room and often mimic the look of traditional fireplaces. They can be in a form of a stove, a fireplace with a mantel, or a TV stand. Just like wall-mounted models, free standing electric fireplaces just need to be plugged in. 

Custom Electric Fireplaces:

The next two types of electric fireplaces are more custom and require some remodeling. You will probably need to hire an electrician to wire them in.

Best custom electric fireplace types

Built-in - A seamless addition to any room, built-in electric fireplaces offer a permanent and integrated solution for those seeking a clean and custom look. Some slim models are designed to fit neatly into a standard 2x4 wall, making installation straightforward without significant structural changes. For those who prefer a more pronounced presence, other models may require the creation of a bumpout to accommodate their depth. Built-in electric fireplaces come in various styles including traditional single-sided units, as well as innovative see-through and three-sided designs that provide a stunning visual display from multiple angles, enhancing the ambiance of any space.

Inserts - Ideal for transforming an existing wood or gas fireplace into an electric one without extensive renovations, electric fireplace inserts offer a practical and stylish solution. These come in two main forms: electric firebox inserts that fit seamlessly into most standard masonry fireplaces, and log inserts that replicate the authentic look of burning logs and flames. Notably, many electric firebox inserts can also be installed as built-in units, providing the perfect blend of traditional fireplace aesthetics with the convenience and ease of an electric fireplace.

Key electric fireplace features to watch for:

Heating capacity - Ensure it's adequate for the size of your space.

Flame effects - Look for realistic flames that can be enjoyed with or without heat for year-round ambiance as well as the ability to change flame colors as desired.

Control options - Remote controls and apps add convenience, allowing you to adjust settings from anywhere in the room.

For a more detailed exploration of each type and what best suits your needs, check out our complete Electric Fireplace Buying Guide.

Now that you're equipped with the essential knowledge from our Electric Fireplace Buying Guide, let’s delve into the exciting part: exploring the best electric fireplaces available on the market today.

Best Electric Fireplaces of 2024

Each model we'll discuss has been selected for its quality, performance, and consumer satisfaction, ensuring you find a fireplace that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. 

    Whether you're looking for something sleek and modern or rich with traditional charm, the perfect electric fireplace awaits. Let's take a closer look at our top picks that stand out for their innovation and style.

    Best Electric Fireplace Insert

    Choosing the best electric fireplace insert wasn't an easy task. There are lots of great options. Ultimately, it came down to tow of our customer favorites: Modern Flames Redstone and Dimplex Revillusion

    Modern Flames Redstone vs Dimplex Revillusion

    Modern Flames Redstone vs Dimplex Revillusion

    In this photo: these are photos of Modern Flames Redstone 36" and Dimplex Revillusion 42" Electric Firepelace Inserts provided by our customers

    Choosing between the Modern Flames Redstone and the Dimplex Revillusion Electric Fireplace Inserts depends on specific preferences and needs:

    Flame Technology: The Dimplex Revillusion uses its unique Revillusion Flame Technology, which is highly praised for its striking realism compared to traditional electric fires. In contrast, the Modern Flames Redstone offers a traditional LED-based flame effect that is also adjustable and provides a different style of realistic visual.

    Dimplex revillusion electric fireplace insert

    In photo: Dimplex Revillusion Electric Fireplace Insert

    Heating and Efficiency: Both units are efficient, but the specifics of their heating capabilities might differ in terms of output and energy consumption, which can be a deciding factor depending on the size of the space you need to heat. Modern Flames Redstone can heat a 400 sq.ft. room and has a lower 750 W heating setting for better comfort while DImplex Revillusion can heat up to 1,000 sq. ft. room.

    Installation and Design Flexibility: The Redstone is noted for easier installation as an insert in standard fireplace openings because it's size is designed to perfectly fit them and it is 2" slimmer than Dimplex Revillusion which helps since most traditional fireplaces get narrower towards the back. Redstone also comes with 2 different trims so you can pick the one that works best to cover the gaps between the insert and the walls of the fireplace. 

    The Dimplex model offers more design customizations, you can pick between harringbone brick or concrete bakground and choose different log styles like birch logs or fresh cut.

    Modern Flames Redstone Best Electric Fireplace Insert

    In this photo: Modern Flames Redstone Electric Fireplace Insert

    Aesthetic and Build Quality: Each model has its own aesthetic appeal, with the Dimplex Revillusion often noted for its more rugged, lifelike appearance and the Modern Flames Redstone for a sleek, modern look.

    Ultimately, the best choice would depend on whether the installation flexibility, flame esthetics, or specific heating needs, or installation options align better with what you value in an electric fireplace insert. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

    Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

    If you're searching for a cutting-edge, modern wall-mounted electric fireplace, that doesn't awkwardly stick out from the wall - the Touchstone Chesmont is your ideal choice. Designed to hang on your wall, much like a picture or flat-screen TV, this fireplace combines state-of-the-art technology with exceptional style, and at a great price making it the best wall-mounted electric fireplace available on the market right now.

    Touchstone Chesmont Best Wall Mounted Electric Firepalce
    The Touchstone Chesmont 50" Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace is celebrated for its innovative features and design:

    Wi-Fi Enabled: Control the fireplace via smartphone and voice commands using Google Assistant or Alexa.

    Three-Sided Design: Offers a view from almost any angle with a modern mantel that blends seamlessly into the wall, available in black or white to match your decor.
    Easy Installation: Customers rave about the straightforward setup process.
    Aesthetic Appeal: Enhances room ambiance with its beautiful design and multiple flame color options, making spaces feel more inviting and homey.

    Best Built-in Electric Fireplace

    Discover the ultimate in home heating and style with our top pick for the best built-in electric fireplace. Designed to blend flawlessly into any decor, this fireplace offers a clean, built-in look that enhances the sophistication and comfort of your living space. Perfect for anyone looking to combine modern aesthetics with functional warmth.

    Introducing Modern Flames Landscape Pro Slim:

    Best Built-in Electric Fireplace Modern Flames Landscape Pro Slim

    In this photo: Modern Flames Landscape Pro Slim

    The Modern Flames "Landscape Pro Slim" Smart Electric Fireplace stands out as the best built-in electric fireplace for several compelling reasons:

    • Seamless Design: It can be fully recessed into a 2"x6" wall, providing a clean, built-in look that saves space.
    • Realistic Flame Effect: Offers the most realistic flame effect before transitioning to LCD-based models, enhancing the authenticity of the fireplace experience.
    • Customizable Features: Includes a wide range of flame color options, app control, and Smart Home integration, allowing for personalized settings and easy operation.
    • Optional Thermostat and Versatility: Has an optional wall thermostat for better temperature control, making it the top choice for a traditional built-in electric fireplace.
    • Outdoor Compatible: Modern Flames Landscape Pro Slim is outdoor-rated so you can install it out on a patio as well
    • Model Variants: For those considering a 3-sided installation, the Landscape Pro Multi variant is available, catering to different aesthetic and installation preferences.

    These features make the Landscape Pro Slim not only technologically advanced but also versatile and visually stunning.

    Best Built-in Electric Fireplace

    In this photo: Modern Flames Landscape Pro Slim

    If you’re looking for more high quality built-in electric fireplace option, check out the Dimplex IgniteXLDynasty Harmony BEF. The design elements of these fireplaces are impeccable and they are sure to last you a long time with their high-quality components and framework.

    Electric Fireplace With The Most Realistic Flame

    Welcome to the best of visual warmth and comfort—our selection of the most realistic electric fireplaces available today. Whether you're looking to enhance your living space or add a focal point to any room, our guide focuses on fireplaces that offer lifelike flames and glowing embers. These models are perfect for those seeking the authentic look and feel of a traditional fireplace, combined with the convenience and safety of modern technology. Join us as we explore the top options that promise to bring your home to life.

    Some runner-ups in this category are Modern Flames' Orion Series and Litedeer Fireplaces. These top of the line electric fireplaces really take the cake as far as being realistic looking. If you’re looking for something that looks like you have a real-life fire burning inside, without the dangerous particle emissions, then this is for you.

    The overall winner is Modern Flames Orion Multi:

    The most realistic electric fireplace modern flames orion multi

    In this photo: Modern Flames Orion Multi

    The Modern Flames Orion Slim Smart Electric Fireplace stands out for several reasons:

    • Advanced Flame Technology: Features HELIOVISION™, the latest in flame realism.
    • Flexible Installation: Suitable for wall mounting or recessing into a 2x6 wall.
    • Smart Controls: Easily adjust settings via the Modern Flames app on any smartphone.
    • Robust Warranty: Comes with a 5-year warranty, ensuring durability and customer satisfaction
    Most realistic electric fireplace

    In this photo: Modern Flames Orion Multi

    If you don't need a 3-sided flame view and would like a slimmer design that can fit in a 2x6 wall, you can save some money by choosing Modern Flames Orion Slim. For a traditional size realistic electric fireplace, check out Modern Flames Orion Firebox.

    Best Budget Electric Fireplace

    Finding the right balance between affordability and functionality in an electric fireplace doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality. Our top budget-friendly pick ensures you get excellent value for your price, featuring all the modern amenities such as realistic flames, a spectrum of flame colors, smart home compatibility, and convenient mobile app control.

    Touchstone Sideline Elite is the best budget electric fireplace that delivers both performance and aesthetic appeal without stretching your finances.

    Best budget electric fireplace Touchstone Sideline Elite

    The Touchstone Sideline Elite excels as the best budget electric fireplace for several key reasons:

    • Superior Flame Display: Offers the best flame visuals among budget options, including realistic and multicolor flames.
    • Wi-Fi Capability: Easily controlled via Amazon Alexa or Google Home, adding convenience and modern functionality.
    • Customizable Aesthetics: Includes both crystals and driftwood, allowing you to tailor the look to fit your decor.
    • Widely Popular: Favored by savvy homeowners, home builders, and interior designers for its value and features.
    • Reliable Quality: manufactured by Touchstone, one of the leading brand in electric fireplace industry

    Touchstone has great quality electric fireplaces for the price. You can get an electric fireplace for anywhere from $299 to $1199 depending on the type and size. Touchstone Sideline Elite is the newest Sideline model popular among interior design bloggers and influencers. You can’t get any better at such a low price point than with Touchstone.

    Best budget electric fireplace touchstone sideline elite
    In this photo: Toucsthone Sideline Elite installation by Holly @calling_all_creators

    Best 2-Sided Electric Fireplace

    Designing a truly two sided electric fireplace has been a challenge many electric fireplace manufacturers have been trying to overcome.

    Napoleon is the only brand that created a truly see-through electric fireplace and it is the only 2-sided electric fireplace available on the market as of now, which makes it the best one in the category as well.

    Best 2-sided electric fireplace

    In this photo: Napoleon Clearion 2-Sided Electric Fireplace

    Napoleon Clearion 2-Sided Electric Fireplaces gets great reviews and the original model introduced in late 2018 has been updated every year, so we have no doubts that you'll like it. Click here to learn more about Napoleon Clearion 2-Sided Electric Fireplace.

    Napoleon Clearion

    In this photo: Napoleon Clearion 2-Sided Electric Fireplace

    The Napoleon Clearion stands out as the best 2-sided electric fireplace for several compelling reasons:

    • Innovative Design: It is the first truly see-through electric fireplace, offering a unique aesthetic from both sides.
    • Realistic Flame: Provides a lifelike flame display that looks impressive. The fireplace looks great when it's turned off as well.
    • Privacy Feature: Includes a privacy option to make the fireplace opaque, with independent temperature control for each room.
    • Efficient Heating: Capable of warming up to 800 sq. ft. on each side of the fireplace. You have control over the temperature in each room and the heat can be turned off for year-round enjoyment.

    Best 3-Sided Electric Fireplaces

    3-sided electric fireplaces are getting more and more popular mainly because of their captivating flame display and multitude of installation options.

    The best 3-sided electric fireplace this year is Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi. It has beautiful realistic flames (with multicolor flame option included), high heat output, mobile app control, and flexible installation options (including wall mounted and in-cabinet options).

    Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi 3-Sided Electric Fireplace

    In this photo: Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi 3-Sided Electric Fireplace

    The Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi is recognized as the best 3-sided electric fireplace due to its outstanding features:

    • Value for Money: Offers an excellent combination of price and quality, appealing to budget-conscious consumers seeking high-end features.
    • Versatile Installation: Provides multiple installation options to suit different spaces and design preferences.
    • Mobile App Control: Enhances user convenience with control options available via a mobile app.
    • Realistic Flames and Colors: Features great-looking realistic flames with a variety of color options, enhancing the visual appeal of any room.
    • High Heat Output: Provides robust heating capabilities to efficiently warm larger spaces (up to 1000 sq. ft. when hardwired into 240V)
    Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi 3-Sided Electric Fireplace with Blue Flames

     In this photo: Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi 3-Sided Electric Fireplace

    Dimplex's Ignite XL Bold 3-Sided Electric Fireplace is also a solid choice. It uses Multi-Fire® XD Flame Effect for lifelike vivid flames with multi-layered color effect to create a depth. 

    Dimplex IgniteXL Bold 3-Sided electric Fireplace
    The Dimplex IgniteXL Bold is another excellent choice for a 3-sided electric fireplace, closely matching the Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi in features. What sets it apart is its customizable installation capability. This model allows for multiple units to be connected, creating an expansive, continuous display that can serve as a dramatic focal point in any setting. To facilitate this setup, an optional Linking Kit is available, simplifying the process and enhancing the overall design impact.
    Dimplex IgniteXL Bold 3-Sided Electric Fireplace

     In this photo: Dimplex's Ignite XL Bold 3-Sided Electric Fireplace

    Best Outdoor Electric Fireplaces

    Electric fireplaces can also be installed outdoors now! Modern Flames, one of our top customer-favorite brands, recently certified their Landscape Pro Slim and Landscape Pro Multi smart fireplaces for outdoor installation.

    Simplifire Forum Outdoor Electric Fireplace

    In this photo: Simplifire Forum Built-in Outdoor Electric Fireplace

    While most outdoor-rated electric fireplaces require overhead coverage, our standout choice for the best outdoor electric fireplace does not, setting a new standard for versatility and installation ease in outdoor settings.

    Introducing Simplifire Forum Built-in Outdoor Electric Fireplace. It stands out as the best outdoor electric fireplace for several compelling reasons:

    • No Cover Needed: It does not require a cover, making it versatile for various outdoor settings.
    • Sleek Installation Options: Can be installed without a frame for a clean, modern look.
    • Realistic Flames: Offers beautiful, realistic flames, enhanced further with optional decorative logs.
    • Ambiance Only: Designed for ambiance, it provides a visual focus without heat output.
    For those needing a heating feature, explore our broader collection of outdoor electric fireplaces and use the "With Heat" filter.


    Best Outdoor Electric Fireplace

    In this photo: Simplifire Forum Built-in Outdoor Electric Fireplace

    Best Commercial Electric Fireplaces

    If you're looking to get a fireplace for a restaurant, hotel, or other commercial space, we have some great options for you that are both, safe and reliable. 

    Modern Flames and Dimplex fireplaces have been specifically designed for commercial applications with their commercial-grade motors that can run 24/7.

    Dimplex IgniteXL Commercial Electric Fireplace

     In this photo: Dimplex IgniteXL Electric Fireplace

    If you are looking for a realistic-looking built-in electric fireplace, check out the Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi or Landscape Pro Slim. But between these two, the Landscape Pro Multi would be your best bet.

    Dimplex IgniteXL Bold Extra Long Electric Fireplace

    In this photo: Dimplex's Ignite XL Bold 3-Sided Electric Fireplace

    If you prefer a more modern, gas-like flame look, then you will like Dimplex IgniteXL or Dimplex IgniteXL Bold electric fireplaces.

    For easier 2x4 or wall mounted installation, check out the Modern Flames Spectrum Slimline and for a budget friendly option look into Touchstone Sideline.

    Best Smart Electric Fireplace

    Another trend that took off at the end of last year is smart electric fireplaces. Isn't it nice to be able to say "Alexa, turn on the fireplace"? Well, now it has become a reality and a handful of electric fireplace manufacturers are leading the industry here.

    The best Smart Electric Fireplace of this year is Dynasty Cascade. It smoothly integrates with Alexa and Google Home. You can also control it with an app even when you are away from home.

    The flames look real and have multicolor flame option. It seems like Dynasty put a lot of thought into this model and it truly is one of our favorites this year.

    Dynasty Cascade

    In this photo: Dynasty Cascade Smart Electric Fireplace

    There are more great smart fireplaces, it all comes down to a specific design and style you are looking for. Check out our collection of smart electric fireplaces to find your perfect smart electric fireplace.


    As we've explored the best electric fireplaces of 2024, it's clear that whether you seek sophistication, functionality, or both, there's an option perfectly suited to your needs. From models offering realistic flames and smart home compatibility to those designed for outdoor use, the advancements in technology and design ensure that adding warmth and style to your space is easier than ever. Consider your space, needs, and style preferences as you choose from these top-rated electric fireplaces to enhance your home with comfort, convenience, and charm.

    Next Steps

    If you’re looking for a clean, green, and efficient source of supplemental heat and a fireplace without any maintenance, electric fireplace is for you.

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