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Water Vapor or "Steam" Fireplace Buying Guide

Water Vapor or "Steam" Fireplace Buying Guide

Fireplaces add coziness and ambiance to your home, as well as create a stunning focal point and conversation piece. These days, health is a priority for many of us which is why many home and business owners are switching to alternative types of fireplaces, like Water Vapor Fireplaces.

What is a Water Vapor Fireplace?

Water Vapor Fireplace is one of the best alternatives to traditional wood or gas fireplaces for several reasons:

  • Water Vapor Fireplace has the most realistic flame imitation out of all other alternative fireplaces.
  • Water Vapor Fireplace doesn't produce any harmful emissions keeping your air clean.
  • Water Vapor Fireplace is cool to the touch making it safe for kids, pets, and for installation in crowded commercial spaces.
  • Water Vapor Fireplace has limitless installation options because it doesn't need venting and the 3-dimensional flame can be open on all sides.
  • Water Vapor Fireplace doesn't cost much to operate. It runs on tap water and LED lights consume very little electricity.

There are many other benefits of water vapor fireplaces like their low energy consumption and environmental-friendliness but the bottom line is this: water vapor fireplaces feature dazzling flame realism that rivals gas, with the safety and simplicity of electric.

How Does a Water Vapor Fireplace Work?

Water vapor fireplace runs on water and electricity. It uses tap water to emit fine mist into the air. The light of LED lights gets reflected by this mist creating a realistic 3-dimensional illusion of flame and smoke.

Water Vapor Flame

The newest technology manages to create an extremely realistic flame look without the presence of a real fire. Flame imitation is so realistic, you’ll be surprised to learn you can actually touch this “fire.” The reason why is that the flames are created by energy-efficient LED lights and water vapor. These cold mist artificial fire fireplaces run on electricity and regular tap water. All you need to do is plug them into a standard household outlet (or hardwire), add water (or connect to a water line) to the tank and enjoy!

Do Water Vapor Fireplaces Give Off Heat?

Though water vapor fireplaces look realistic, you can actually reach out and touch the flames, as they are cold to the touch.

If you are looking to get the clean emission-free flame with the benefit of warmth, Modern Blaze does offer water vapor fireplaces that come with a heater, like the popular Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro 1000 Firebox.


This realistic water vapor electric firebox can be installed as a single-sided unit or converted to a see-through design by removing the included back panel.

The stunning appearance and practical design of the Opti-myst® Pro is the perfect fit for custom applications in residential and commercial projects.

Enjoy the ambiance, warmth, and the crackling sound of fire without the worry that children, pets, or your "spirited" friends run into it.

Find it here: Dimplex Opti-myst® Pro 1000 - 46” One or Two Sided Vapor Fireplace with Heater (GBF1000-PRO)

Also available in 65" size: Dimplex Opti-myst® Pro 1500 - 65” One or Two Sided Vapor Fireplace with Heater (GBF1500-PRO)

All other water vapor fireplaces don't come with a heater, however, the heater can be purchased separately and added to Dimplex Opti Myst Pro Cassettes, Opti-Myst Pro 500 and Opti-Myst Pro 1000.  

Dimplex Opti Myst Pro Cassettes

Water Vapor Cassettes For Custom Fireplaces

If you are looking to create a unique custom fireplace with a safe-to-touch fire that is open on as many sides as you wish, water vapor cassettes are the perfect solution. These cassettes have limitless installation options from 2-sided to 360-degrees.

Cassettes come in sizes of 20", 40" and 60" long with the flame from edge to edge and can be connected in a series of cassettes for dramatic linear installations impossible to achieve with gas fireplaces. 

Our customers' favorite water vapor cassettes: 
Dimplex Opti-myst® Pro 1000 - 40" Water Vapor Fireplace Cassette (CDFI1000-Pro) and Dimplex Opti-myst® 500 - 20" Water Vapor Fireplace Cassette (CDFI500-PRO)

Dimplex Opti-myst® Pro 1000 - 40" Water Vapor Fireplace Cassette
In photo: Dimplex Opti-myst® Pro 1000 - 40" Water Vapor Fireplace Cassette (CDFI1000-Pro)

How to Choose The Best Water Vapor Fireplace?

We have already selected the best Water Vapor Fireplaces to be featured on our website, you can see them all here: Water Vapor Fireplaces

Some of them do stand out, however:

Dimplex Opti-Myst - the original water vapor fireplace, installed in many residencies, hotels, and restaurants around the world. Loved by the customers. The Opti-Myst cassettes are flexible: add a heater, connect to a water line or plug them in instead of hardwiring - all with the help of added accessories. And you can add glowing log sets to add even more realism (highly recommend!).

Dimplex Opti-Myst Water Vapor Cassettes installed in a hotel

As a bonus, these beautiful fireplaces also disinfect the air around you to keep you safe from viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. The Prestige model offers smartphone app controls, multicolor flames, and plumbing connection with automatic filling.

Do Water Vapor Fireplaces Look Real?

Wondering if these mist fireplaces look like real fires? We get this question a lot. If you want to see one in person you might be lucky to find it installed in a hotel or a restaurant near you. We are collecting a list of showrooms in the US, email us at to see if there is one near you.

We have also collected a series of videos generously submitted by our customers or manufacturers of water vapor fireplaces themselves. You can watch them all here, just keep clicking to the next video in the player below.

Videos of Water Vapor Fireplaces:

Water Vapor Fireplace Comparison

Hopefully, by now you have a pretty good understanding of water vapor fireplaces. To make things even more clear, here is a comparison table highlighting the main differences between the 3 most popular water vapor fireplaces at the moment.

Dimplex Opti-myst® Pro 1000 - 40" Water Vapor Fireplace Cassette (CDFI1000-Pro) Dimplex Opti-myst® Pro 1000 - 46” One or Two Sided Vapor Fireplace with Heater (GBF1000-PRO)
Fireplace Dimplex Opti-myst® Pro 1000 - 40" Water Vapor Fireplace Cassette (CDFI1000-Pro) Dimplex Opti-myst® Pro 1000 - 46” One or Two Sided Vapor Fireplace with Heater (GBF1000-PRO)
Fuel Works on Electricity and Water Works on Electricity and Water
Installation Many installation options. Several units can be connected to make a longer fireplace. Standard or 2-sided fireplace installation
Harwire / Plug in Hardwired / Can be plugged in using a plug kit. Hardwired / Can be plugged in using a plug kit.
Time between refills Up to 8 hours. Can be connected to a water line using a plumb kit. Up to 8 hours. Can be connected to a water line using a plumb kit.
Crackling noise Makes a crackling noise like a real fire Makes a crackling noise like a real fire
Heat Doesn't have a heater but it can be added Has a built-in electric heater capable to heat up to 400 sq. ft.
Log Accessory Optional Glowing Log Accessory Optional Glowing Log Accessory
Flame Color Realistic 3-Dimensional Orange Flame Realistic 3-Dimensional Orange Flame
Energy Consumption 460 Watts 1,460 Watts (with heater)


The Green Alternative

All in all, water vapors are a healthier, safer, and more economical version of a wood-burning or gas fireplace. There are no logs or ash to clean up, no annual cleaning of the chimney and flue, no propane tanks or gas lines to worry about.

Modern technology now allows you to have the beauty of realistic flames with no harmful emissions or other fire-related safety concerns. Select the option that best fits your project - firebox, insert or cassette - and upgrade your world to the fireplace of the future.

It truly is the Green alternative for your home or commercial space!

If you want to find a perfect fireplace to match your style and needs, we can help you with that. Just give us a call or send us an email

Want to save on your fireplace purchase? Click here to get on our email list!

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Anastasia - May 17, 2020

Yes!! We were so excited when Bar Rescue reached out and wanted to feature our water vapor fireplace on their show! Jon Taffer absolutely loved the Opti-myst cassette they got from us and they even ordered more for the next season! :)

Liz Miller - May 17, 2020

Saw this on John Taffy’s Bar Rescue show and immediately googled it! Now I want to learn more!!

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