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5 Best Electric Fireplace Inserts According to Reviews

5 Best Electric Fireplace Inserts According to Reviews

If you’re looking for an alternative to gas and traditional wood fireplaces, you probably have some questions - like what are electric fireplace inserts, and how can they benefit your home?

Electric fireplace inserts are an excellent option for anyone looking for a safe, energy-efficient, and low-cost way to stay warm. They come in many varieties and mimic the look of logs and flames - without the hassle of dealing with wood or the danger of smoke and flames. They’re also a much more environmental friendly way to heat your home

The advantages are clear, but what is the best electric fireplace insert for you? Today we’re going to look at the top-rated models according to reviews. Keep reading to learn more about them. 

1. Dimplex Revillusion 36″ Built-in Electric Firebox  

Dimplex Revillusion™ 36" Portrait - Built-in Electric Firebox
In photo: Dimplex Revillusion™ 36" Portrait - Built-in Electric Firebox

One thing that turns people off from purchasing an electric fireplace is that most models are tacky and look fake - which means they ultimately fall short in recreating a real fire’s ambiance. If you’re searching for the most realistic electric fireplace insert, the Dimplex line is a safe bet. 

One of the highest-rated models is the Dimplex Revillusion Built-in Electric Firebox. It’s a fantastic option because it delivers the “real” factor without the inconvenience of a traditional hearth.

You get unobstructed views through lifelike flames to the interior of your choice - either full brick or weathered concrete - and the customization options don’t stop there. 

The flame base color can be changed to either red or blue, and the firebox glow has a range of warm hues that's customizable as well. Other customizable features include light level, flicker effects, and optional log sets--all of which allow you to achieve different looks as needed.

2. Dimplex Revillusion 25" Plug-In Electric Log Set

Dimplex Revillusion 25-Inch Plug-in Electric Log Set
In photo: Dimplex Revillusion Electric Log Set (Fresh Cut Logs Variant)

If you have an empty fireplace opening, you probably think it's difficult to put one in.

Thanks to the Revillusion RLG25, you can enjoy the look of a traditional fireplace without having to deal with the tedious installation. Simply place the log set in the space then plug it in, and you're done!

This insert requires absolutely no vents or gas lines, and only an empty opening for a fireplace. There's a partially frosted acrylic panel inserted between the logs, a feature which is far better than a mirror since it shows only dazzling flames and no reflections.

Plus, with on-demand heat, you can use the fireplace insert with or without heat making it versatile and usable all-year round. The logs come in 3 varieties: Realogs (Glowing Logs), Birch, and Fresh Cut Logs.

3. Modern Flames Redstone 36″ Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert

Modern Flames Redstone 36" Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert
In photo: Modern Flames Redstone 36" Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert

Modernizing old, unattractive hearths doesn’t have to be a hassle. All you have to do is purchase an electric fireplace insert for the existing fireplace. By doing so, you can close your chimney, which helps keep heat inside your space.

If you want to cover up an old fireplace you don’t use, one of your best options is the Modern Flames Redstone Electric Fireplace Insert. 

This model delivers all the benefits of a modern fireplace while still maintaining a traditional look. It’s available in two trims, but the customization abilities don’t stop there.

The Redstone Electric Fireplace Insert features Hybrid-FX™ Flame Technology to control the flame and ember bed colors. You can also choose from many color combinations. 

Modern Flames Redstone 36" Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert
In photo: Modern Flames Redstone 36" Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert

Besides being able to achieve practically any look, the unit comes with other useful features--like a remote control, a sleep timer, and flame operation with or without heat. It also has two heat settings that can keep a small room warm or supplement your heater in a large space. 

4. Dynasty Presto 8″ Deep Electric Fireplace Insert

Dynasty Presto 8-Inch Deep Electric Fireplace Insert
In photo: Dynasty Presto Electric Fireplace Insert

This insert comes from one of our customer-favorite brands, Dynasty Fireplaces.

The Presto requires zero-clearance and can either be built-in or flush-mounted, giving you a slew of installation choices. You can place it on interior or exterior walls, corners, what have you. A unique feature is its downlight, illuminating the resin cast log set which makes for a cozier ambience in your living space. 

As one of our child and pet friendly units, it also comes with a front glass that stays cool to the touch even when you have the heat turned on. But that doesn't take away from its heating capacity that can warm spaces up to 400sqft.    

5. Litedeer Homes LiteStar Smart Electric Fireplace Insert

Litedeer Homes LiteStar Smart Built-In Electric Fireplace Insert
In photo: Litedeer Homes LiteStar Smart Electric Fireplace Insert

The fifth and final product is another excellent option to insert into an unused fireplace: the Litedeer Homes LiteStar Smart Electric Fireplace Insert.

This fireplace insert can be placed into an existing or new opening, then you'll just have to hardwire or plug it into an outlet. Built with a trim, gaps between the fireplace and the wall are covered for a perfectly recessed installation.

The LiteStar doesn't shy away from bold features like natural pebbles on the ember bed, 5 flame color options, fire sparks, and adjustable crackling fire sounds. An added bonus is the unit's Overheat Protection, where a built-in fan blows air for 10 seconds to cool the heater down should it get too hot.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found the best electric fireplace inserts with the help of this handy guide. But before making that purchase, it’s always a good idea to learn more about how to choose the best electric fireplace, and browse our comprehensive collection of modern electric fireplace inserts

And one final note. Though installation is relatively straightforward in most cases, we also recommend learning how to install them beforehand. This way, you’ll be well prepared when your fireplace arrives.


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