Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces

Outdoor ethanol fireplaces use alcohol based eco-friendly liquid ethanol fuel. They are smell and smoke-free and come in many different shapes and sizes. If you are looking for an eco-friendly outdoor fireplace with modern unique design ethanol fireplaces are your best bet to find it. Outdoor ethanol fireplaces have multiple installation options: built-in or recessed, wall mounted, free standing or table top. If you are looking to convert an existing outdoor fireplace into a more eco-friendly hassle-free option, take a look at our outdoor ethanol inserts. Building a custom outdoor ethanol fireplace? - check out our collection of outdoor grade fireboxes and ethanol burners.
Anywhere Fireplace Lexington - Table Top Ethanol Fireplace - Stainless Steel
Anywhere Fireplace Lexington - Table Top Ethanol Fireplace - Multiple Colors from $ 179.99 $ 200.00

Ethanol Firebox - The Bio Flame 38″ Firebox DS - See-thru Ethanol Fireplace
The Bio Flame 38" Firebox DS - UL Listed Built-in See-Through Ethanol Fireplace from $ 2,335.50 $ 3,745.00