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Clean Energy Fireplace Solution For Your Home

Clean Energy Fireplace Solution For Your Home

If you care about our planet and your air health, you want to make sure that all devices you own produce as little emissions as possible. Does this mean you have to give up your fireplace dream?

Not at all!

It is possible and affordable to have a fireplace that creates zero carbon emissions from energy use. 

Why Traditional Fireplaces are Bad?

Traditional wood and gas fireplaces don't work for health-conscious and environmental-conscious people like us because they pollute indoor air and our planet.

Traditional wood fireplaces cause dangerous indoor air pollution producing emissions that are widely recognized as harmful to human health.

They also create a significant amount of outdoor air pollution. For example in Oregon, the pollution caused by wood-burning fireplaces equals that of a one large wildfire according to the DEQ.

Indoor wood fire danger

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Gas fireplaces are better than wood when it comes to indoor air pollution. However, they are still have significant impact on our planet. 

Burning fossil gas for fuel contributes to climate change. Methane gas leaks happen all the time and some think that they can have even worse effect than burning coal. Watch this video to learn more: Electrify Now Webinar

Clean Energy Fireplace Solutions

There are two types of fireplaces you should consider if you care about the environment and air quality: electric fireplaces and water vapor fireplaces.

Both of these fireplaces use electricity as a source of energy. They create flame imitation using energy efficient LED lights and don't produce any emissions into the air.

These fireplaces are not only safe for your health and our planet but also your children and pets because they stay cool to the touch.

Clean Energy Fireplace Solutions

Where to Buy Clean Energy Fireplaces?

Modern Blaze offers clean energy solutions when it comes to indoor and outdoor fireplaces as well as outdoor patio heaters. Our electric and water vapor fireplaces are 99% efficient, look surprisingly realistic and produce zero emissions. 

You can find our curated collection of high-quality electric and water vapor fireplaces here:

Electric Fireplaces

Water Vapor Fireplaces

Clean Energy Resources

Fireplace resources

At Modern Blaze, we believe that knowledge is power. Check out our helpful guides and learn more about each type of clean energy fireplaces, read our guides:

Electric Fireplace Guide

Water Vapor Fireplace Guide

Webinar About Electric Fireplaces

Modern Blaze participated in a webinar about electric fireplaces organized by Electrify Now - a nonprofit from Oregon that empowers everyone to create our clean energy future. We had a great conversation about benefits of electric fireplaces and an informative Q&A session.

You can watch the webinar recording here:

Podcast About Ventless Fireplaces

Modern Blaze founder Anastasia Vankova has been interviewed on Awesome EarthKind Energy Podcast. The interview covers many topics ranging from Modern Blaze origins story, to business challenges and our ventless fireplace solutions. 

Listen to the podcast here:

Burning Clean: How to Stay Warm, Cozy, and Energy Efficient with Ventless Fireplaces – with Anastasia Vankova, Modern Blaze

 Awesome EarthKind Podcast Interview

Learn From Experts put out a nice expert Q&A article that gives you even more tips and resources to help you make your home more sustainable. 

How to Get a Clean Energy Fireplace For Your Home?

Now that you know that a clean and healthy fireplaces exist, getting one for your home is easy.

1. Start with shopping guides. 

They will help you figure out which fireplace will better suite your needs.

Electric Fireplace Guide

Water Vapor Fireplace Guide

2. Find exactly what you want.

Browse our curated collections, compare and find exactly what you want. If you still need help deciding, send us a message or give us a call. We'll be happy to help.

Electric Fireplaces

Water Vapor Fireplaces

Ask an Expert 

3. Get it delivered to your door.

With free shipping and free returns on most items you have nothing to lose. Order online, get confirmation vial email and get your fireplace delivered to your door.

Shipping Policy

4. Install with ease.

Many fireplaces can be a DIY project or a simple general contractor job. We have a collection of installation guides to help you with your installation. Please make sure to refer to your product manual for product-specific instructions.

Installation Guides

5. Enjoy! 

Enjoy your new clean energy fireplace and feel good about the choice you've made. 

easy to install fireplace

It's great to know that you can have our cake and eat it too. Choose a clean energy fireplaces and enjoy the beauty of a fireplace while keeping our planet safe.

What's next?

Comment below or ask an expert: Ask an Expert 

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Read our Shopping Guides:

Electric Fireplace Guide
Water Vapor Fireplace Guide

Shop Clean Energy Fireplaces:

Electric Fireplaces
Water Vapor Fireplaces

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