Ethanol Burners

Whether you're remodeling your existing traditional fireplace or looking to build a new custom ventless fireplace, our collection of bio-ethanol burners and grate kits is exactly what you need to get the project done. Transform your old wood-burning fireplace into a sleek, eco-friendly unit with an addition of a bio-ethanol grate or a burner. Or design your own custom fireplace and then power it with one of our ethanol burner inserts.

Ethanol burners are available in two types: manual and electronic.

With manual burners, you will need to light up the flame with the lighter and extinguish it with by closing a damper. 

Electronic burners can be controlled with a push of a button on a burner, remote control, or your phone via an app that is connected to wi-fi produced by the burner. They can also be connected to your smart home.