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How to Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

How to Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Wall mounted electric fireplace can be simply hung on pretty much any wall, just like a flat-screen TV or a picture. Most wall-mounted electric fireplaces come with brackets and hardware needed for installation.

Can you put a fireplace on an interior wall?

Absolutely! You can put an electric fireplace on any interior wall. Electric fireplaces don't require venting, making them suitable for any room.

Can you Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Yourself

Wall mounted electric fireplace can be a DIY installation because it doesn't require any structural modifications. You might need some help if you are installing a larger unit because these fireplaces can be pretty heavy.

Clearance Requirements

As a general rule, keep combustible materials, such as furniture, pillows, bedding, papers, clothes, and curtains at least 3 feet (0.9m) away from the front of the fireplace, 1.5 feet away from the sides, and never near the rear or the unit.

Installation Steps

Before you start the installation, make sure the fireplace functions correctly - plug it in, play with heat and lights, if everything works, move on with the installation.

1. Find a safe location close to a power outlet. 

Find a location that is close to a power outlet. Never use an extension cord. The main cable must remain at the back of the appliance and must not be in contact with any hot element.

Wall mounted electric fireplaces can have heat coming from the top of the unit, the front of the unit and the bottom of the unit.

Depending on the type of the fireplace you are working with, you need to consider appropriate clearances from flammable objects around it, please refer to the product manual for your particular fireplace. 

Good to know:

  • Top heat fireplaces should not be placed directly under an outlet because the heat coming from the top can heat up the electrical cord too much and cause a fire.
  • If you are looking for a fireplace to hang below your TV - bottom and front heat units are your best choices.
  • Bottom heat fireplaces should be kept at least 1.5 ft off the floor, while top- and front heat units don't have this restriction and can be placed as low as you wish.

2. Attach Bracket(s) to The Wall.

Wall-mounting brackets and all the hardware are included with your fireplace. Make sure you find studs or use plastic anchors as most of the fireplaces are pretty heavy: 50-200 lbs.  

3. Attach Brackets to The Bottom of The Fireplace (Some Models).

Some fireplaces have bottom brackets for extra support. If this is the case - attach brackets to the bottom of the unit (some models have it attached).

4. Hang The Fireplace on The Bracket.

There could be either slots (pic.A) or hooks (pic. B) on the back of the fireplace. So you either insert the keyhole slots on the back of the fireplace over the hooks on the mounting bracket. Or align the hooks on the back of the fireplace with the slots on the wall bracket and set hooks into the slots.

A)B)Hanging Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

5. Secure The Bottom of The Fireplace to The Wall.

If you have an extra bracket at the bottom of the fireplace, now it is the time to attach it to the wall.

6. Plug Power Cord and Enjoy.

NOTE: The power cord usually has three prongs (A). If a 3-slot plugin is not available, an adapter must be used (C). The adapter must be properly grounded to the outlet box. 


We have covered the general 6-step process of hanging a wall mounted electric fireplace on a wall. It might be slightly different depending on the brand and your particular project.

Please note that all electric fireplaces sold on our website come with installation manuals that provide detailed instructions on how to install each particular unit. Most of the product manuals are published on our website in downloadable PDF format on each product page.

Here are some examples of product manuals from different brands of wall mounted electric fireplaces that we carry:

And remember, if you get confused at any point, you can always leave a comment below or contact us with any questions.

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Dyann - March 1, 2024

Hi, Dawn!

Here’s what our CS team found:

A standard 13A extension lead should have no issues powering a 50-inch electric fire visual effects alone safely. Just don’t operate the heater at the same time to avoid overloading the cord amperage ratings. Be sure to check the actual power draw or wattage specification of your fireplace model to confirm it will work with a 13 amp extension.

Please know that the Modern Flames Pro Slim series requires 14A while the Touchstone Onyx requires 11A and up.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to should you have more questions!

Dawn - March 1, 2024

Hi,I have recently purchased a 50 inch electric fire and as I haven’t got a socket near to the unit,I’ve purchased a single socket extension being 13 Amp.Can I use this extension just for the flame effect from the fire not the heater on?

Dyann - February 21, 2023

Hi, Chris.

We generally don’t recommend wall-mounting 8-12" deep units since they’re better off partially or fully recessed. But there are also shallower units or ones with great front frames that make them look fine wall-mounted.

If you’re looking to install it into a 4" deep wall, the Remii Extra Slim Indoor/Outdoor Frameless would be the perfect fit (Here:

You can also browse this collection for more units fit for a 2X4 wall installation:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to should you have more questions!
Chris Wheeler - February 21, 2023

Do these fireplace units look right just hung on the wall. They seem to me they should be recessed into the wall to look right. Only thing is, most I look at are about 5” deep- hard to put in a 4” wall. Or do you recommend building out the wall??

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