Inserts For Existing Fireplaces

Inserts For Existing Fireplaces

If you have an old fireplace that you don't use because you are tired of all the mess and smell associated with it there is a solution for you. With modern fireplace inserts, you can enjoy your fireplace again! Modern fireplace inserts are affordable, easy to install, and require no maintenance. There are several options available:

1. Ethanol Inserts - the easiest solution and the only one that creates real flames. No installation needed - simply slide the insert inside your fireplace opening, pour fuel in the burner and light it up. Everything you need comes in the box, ethanol fuel is sold separately. You can choose to add some decorative logs or rocks to set around the burner for decoration, check out our Accessories for inspiration.

2. Electric Log Sets - similar to ethanol inserts but no actual flame is being produced. LED lights built into the logs create an imitation of fire and the built-in heater produces enough heat to warm up 400 sq ft room. An electric log set plugs into a standard household outlet, so all you need to do is insert it into your old fireplace and plug it in. Remote control is included.

3. Electric Firebox Inserts - electric firebox inserts will take a little more effort to install, but are still pretty easy and will save you money in the long run. Here is a short guide: How to Install Electric Fireplace Insert.

4. Water Vapor Inserts - just like electric logs, these inserts simply slide inside your existing fireplace but they need to be hardwired. They run on a regular tap water. Water vapor and LED lights create a realistic flame effect without any real fire. 

5. Ventless Gas Inserts - this option will give you real flames and lots of heat but you have to remember that you need to run a gas line to it. Gas Inserts are available in traditional gas log style and clean contemporary style with glass crystals.