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Ethanol Fireplaces

Modern Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol Fireplaces are more efficient, eco-friendly, easier to take care of, and more affordable compared to traditional wood burning or gas fireplaces. They are very easy to install and do not require any chimney, vent, gas or electric lines. They burn liquid ethanol fuel which is a renewable energy source primarily produced from domestic agricultural forestry of corn, potatoes, beetroots and wheat. Ethanol fireplaces can be used in every room as well as outdoors. They come in a wide variety of modern, stylish designs and sizes.

Installation options are plentiful as well: tabletop, free standing, wall mounted or built-in. And if you want to design and build your own unique fireplace, we have ethanol burners and fireboxes in many different sizes available. Ethanol grates and burners can also be used to transform your old fireplace into clean burning ethanol fireplace.

Benefits of Ethanol Fireplaces: Easy to install - Eco-friendly - Can be installed anywhere - No venting needed - No smell or smoke - Real flame - Efficient heat - Modern design.