Modern Ventless Fireplaces

Modern Ventless Fireplaces

Modern ventless fireplaces are easier to install and maintain and they are more efficient than traditional fireplaces.

There are 5 main types of vent-free fireplaces: Electric Fireplaces, Water Vapor Fireplaces, Ventless Gas Fireplaces, Ethanol Fireplaces and Gel Fireplaces. 

Electric and water vapor fireplaces create a flame imitation while ethanol, gas, and gel fireplaces produce real flames.

Electric fireplaces simulate a burning, active fire with light projections on a screen and require no venting. Can be easily installed almost anywhere. They stay cool to the touch and have heat that can be turned off when not needed.

Water vapor fireplaces create a realistic 3-dimensional flame imitation without any combustion. Fueled by electricity and water. They don't get hot - it's "flame" that you can touch.

Ventless gas fireplaces fun on natural gas or liquid propane. They produce real flames and a lot of heat. Don't need a chimney or a vent.

Ethanol or Gel fireplaces use alcohol-based fuel for burning. They create real flames, about 8" high without any soot, smoke, or smell and require no venting. These fireplaces can be easily installed anywhere because they don't need any hookups. Ethanol fireplaces come in the form of wall mounted units, customizable fireboxes, and individual burners that allow you to design your own fireplace.

There are 4 different installation options: wall mounted, recessed or built-in, free standing and inserts. 

Wall mounted and free standing fireplaces are the easiest to install. 

Wall mounted models can be simply hung on a wall like a picture while free standing ones can be placed on any flat surface.

Recessed or built-in fireplaces require opening a wall and doing some framing. Many of them also need to be hardwired in, so you will need an electrician. These models usually look more finished, provide more heat and have more extra features.

FIreplace inserts are designed to be placed inside existing fireplaces to convert them into more efficient clean-burning units. Installation should be pretty simple. You might need to add trim or relocate an outlet to plug them in, but that's about it.

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