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Electronic Ethanol Burners vs Manual

Electronic Ethanol Burners & Fireboxes vs Manual

Electronic ethanol burners are a step up from manual ethanol burners. Automatic ethanol burners can be operated with a remote control, control panel or even your smartphone and smart home system. These remote-controlled bioethanol burners are also safer thanks to many safety sensors overseeing their work.

Ethanol fireplaces and burners have been around since 2005. Introduction of ethanol burners to the market made it possible to have a fireplace virtually anywhere without any hookups, venting, smoke, soot, or expensive maintenance.

Electronic ethanol burners are the next step in ethanol fireplace technology. The incorporation of electronic controls makes ethanol fireplaces safer and easier to operate.

What is the difference between Electronic and Manual Ethanol Burner?

Manual ethanol burner is basically a stainless steel container filled with bioethanol fuel. In order to start the fireplace, you need to use a long lighter and light up the fuel. Some burners will have a sliding lid that you can partially slide over the burner opening to adjust the flame intensity, others don't offer that option. In any case, if you want to adjust the flames, you will have to do it manually. Extinguishing the fire is done in a similar way, only this time you shut the lid all the way. 

Manual Ethanol Burner Advantages:

1. No hookups needed, install anywhere.

Manual ethanol burners can truly be installed anywhere because they don't require any hookups whatsoever. You just need to be mindful about combustibles nearby and pick the correct size of the burner for your room.

2. Affordable.

Ethanol burners have been around for a while and their manufacturers learned how to reduce the production cost to make them very affordable.

Manual Ethanol Burner Drawbacks:

1. Manual Operation.

One of the obvious drawbacks of manual ethanol burners compared to electronic ethanol burners is the difficulty to control the flame height and turn the fireplace ON and OFF.

2. Fewer Safety Features.

Even though manual ethanol burners are safe when you follow common sense and operating instructions, additional safety controls incorporated into electronic burners give you this extra peace of mind.

Electronic Ethanol Burner Advantages:

Electronic ethanol burners have a very similar concept to manual ethanol burners but they are more technologically advanced. The incorporation of electronics makes them much easier and safer to operate.

1. Control Flame and Heat.

With automatic ethanol burners, it is easy to control the flame intensity. Most of the models will have 3 different flame settings. It is a nice feature because it allows you to reduce the heat output if it gets too hot. 

2. Control via Remote, Smartphone, or Smart Home.

Turning the burner ON and OFF is also fully automatic. The electronic burner can be controlled with a remote or through a control panel. Some models have a built-in Wi-Fi allowing to control them with a smartphone, others even come with a Smart Home integration system.

3. Safety Sensors.

And as an extra bonus, electronic ethanol burners have a completely enclosed fuel container and are equipped with safety sensors such as CO2 density alarm, shake sensors, and overheat shut-off sensors making these smart bioethanol burners extremely safe.

Electronic Ethanol Burner Drawbacks:

1. Expensive.

One of the biggest drawbacks of electronic ethanol burners is the price. Electronic ethanol burners are 3 to 4 times more expensive than manual burners. It might be partially because the technology is still new and incorporating electronics is more time and labor-consuming.

2. Manufacturing time.

Most of the electronic ethanol burners are made to order and can take anywhere between 3 to 8 weeks to make. It can be a big turn off if your project is on a strict time schedule.

3. Need Electrical Hookup.

Electronic ethanol burners need an electrical hookup to power up the electronics. Most of them will simply plug into a standard 120V outlet. However, you still need to make sure it is available, in the case of manual burners, no hookups needed at all.

Overall, electronic ethanol burners are far superior to manual ethanol burners. However, there are a few things that might turn you off from purchasing them depending on your circumstances. 

This simple infographic sums it all up:

Electronic Ethanol Burners vs Manual Ethanol Burners


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