Warming Trends

Warming Trends

Warming Trends is a Colorado based manufacturer of gas burners that you can use to build your own fire pit or to upgrade the flames of your old gas fire pit.

With their burners, you get two times taller flames compared to regular ring burners. The flames look natural and yellow in color instead of blue like with many other gas burners). Brighter, taller, and more vibrant flames are possible thanks to Warming Trends' patented "Crossfire" technology. 

Another great thing about Warming Trends burners is that they are covered by a lifetime warranty. It is possible because they are made out of brass which has a better corrosion resistance than most grades of stainless steel.

Warming Trends Burners are used in many premium gas fire pits. Now you too can get these high-quality burners for your project. Choose one of the popular sizes and configurations below or send us your project to get a custom made design.