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Amantii Electric Fireplaces

Amantii Electric Fireplaces

Amantii is a brand is a popular brand of electric fireplaces with a proven record of sales in USA, Canada & Europe that sources cutting edge products from Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North America.

Electric Fireplaces by Amantii are perfect for homes, offices, restaurants or commercial settings. The clean, contemporary design of these fireplaces, along with innovative features such as realistic flame pattern with multiple color options and adjustable heat provide unlimited creativity and versatility for designing any interior space. Amantii's out-of-the-box system makes it easy for you or your builder to install an Amantii electric fireplace in no time!

Some of the most Amantii's popular lines of electric fireplaces include PanoramaTru-View, Traditional Inserts and Symmetry.