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Are Electric Fireplaces Tacky?

Are Electric Fireplaces Tacky?

I hear this question a lot. Are electric fireplaces tacky? Are they cheap looking? Are they just for people without enough space in their homes to have a traditional wood-burning fireplace? The answer is no, and I'm going to explain why.

1. Electric Fireplaces Look Realistic

Electric fireplaces have come a long way since they were first introduced to the market a decade ago. When they first came out they were definitely tacky! 

Luckily, competition and technological progress pushed the industry to evolve. Today, electric fireplaces look so realistic that they can be mistaken for gas or wood fireplaces.

Manufacturers constantly think of ways to make electric fireplaces more realistic.

One of the most recent innovations created a whole new subcategory of electric fireplaces - water vapor fireplaces. These amazing fireplaces have dimensional realistic looking flames that you can touch! Pretty mind blowing if you ask me.

2. Electric Fireplaces Follow Latest Design Trends

Whatever the newest design trend is, you will see it reflected in electric fireplace models.

Unlike wood or gas fireplace industry, electric fireplace industry is still young and full of innovative businesses that stay on the cutting edge of design and technology. 

If you like following the latest trends, you will like what you see when you shop for electric fireplaces.

3. Electric Fireplaces Can Fit Into Any Decor

There are literally thousands of models of electric fireplaces.

If you are looking for a modern linear fireplace, see-through fireplace, 3-sided fireplace, or a perfect mix of traditional and contemporary - electric fireplaces have it all.

Moreover, electric fireplaces can change the flame color and you can change the decorations that sit in front of the flames to really dial in the look and feel you want in your space.

Key Takeaways

1. Electric fireplaces used to be tacky, they are not tacky anymore.

2. Electric fireplaces look realistic.

3. Electric fireplaces follow the latest design trends.

4. Electric fireplaces are customizable and can fit into any decor.

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