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What is the Largest Ethanol Fireplace for your Room?

What is the Largest Ethanol Fireplace for your Room?

Ethanol fireplace is a perfect solution if you want a fireplace without having to build a chimney, flue, vent or do any other expensive remodeling. 

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Ethanol fireplace doesn't need any electric or gas lines. It burns eco-friendly ethanol fuel. It doesn't produce any smell or smoke while burning.  And it is a real fire! (Click here to watch our ethanol fireplaces in action on YouTube)

Wow! A real fireplace that can be installed in any room? Isn't that awesome?! But wait, there is one thing you need to keep in mind when deciding on an ethanol fireplace  - your room size. 

Even though ethanol fireplaces don't produce any smoke or chemical emissions, they still burn through the oxygen in the room. That's why there is a minimum room size requirement for each ethanol fireplace. But don't worry, it is very easy to calculate.

Here is the simple formula:

200 cu ft (of room size) per each 1000 BTUs (of fireplace generated heat)

Let's break it dow.

Maximum size of ethanol fireplace for you room:

1. Figure our how many cubic feet your room is.

Simply multiply room length by room width and by ceiling hight.

2. Use the formula.

According to our formula, an ethanol fireplace needs to have 200 cubic feet of room per each 1000 BTUs it produces.

3. Take the room cubic footage, divide it by 200 and multiply by 1000.

That's the maximum BTUs number. Meaning that the largest ethanol fireplace you can install in this room should produce no more than this number of BTUs.

4. Filter by BTU number.

Take your calculated BTU's number and use our convenient filter to find ethanol fireplaces or ethanol burners and fireboxes that fit your room size.

For example: if you have a 1200 cubic feet room (12ft long x 10 ft wide x 10ft high) the largest ethanol fireplace for this room would be the one that produces 6000 BTUs (1200/200 x 1000). 

Now we can go to https://modernblaze.com/collections/indoor-ventless-fireplaces a find all the fireplaces for our room using our convenient BTU's filter. Here are our results: https://goo.gl/XzIbrU


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