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3 Types of Electric Fireplaces to Install in a 2" x 4" Wall

3 Types of Electric Fireplaces to Install in a 2" x 4" Wall

This question is coming up a lot: "Can I install electric fireplace in a 2 x 4 wall?"

Not all electric fireplaces can be installed in a 2" x 4" but there are 3 types that can be. Let's take a look at each one of them so that you can decide which type is best for you:

1. Slim Electric Fireplaces 

These slim electric fireplaces are under 4" deep and are able to fit into a regular 2" x 4" wall. Once you install them they will look completely flush with the wall and have a finished look. Some of the most popular examples include Amantii Panorama XS, and Remii Extra Slim.

Amantii Panorama XS

2. Partially Recessed Fireplaces

Partially recessed electric fireplaces are slightly deeper than 4" but they still can be installed into a 2" x 4" wall. It is accomplished by a partial recess installation. This means that the fireplace will not be flush with the wall and will stick out just a little. Modern Flames Spectrum Slimline fireplaces are a perfect example of this type.

Modern Flames Spectrum Slimline

3. Deep Fireplaces with Trim

These fireplaces can be installed into a 2" x 4" wall with the addition of a special trim that makes this installation look flawless.

Manufacturers of such high-end fireplaces as Dimplex Ignite XL and 2-Sided Napoleon Clearion recognized the demand for 2" x 4" installations and created special trims for their fireplaces to allow for such installations. 

The trim will fill in the gap between the wall and the fireplace making the fireplace look great from any angle.

Dimplex Ignite XL

We hope you found this information useful. To see all electric fireplaces that can be installed into a 2" x 4" wall follow this link: Fireplaces for 2" x 4" Installation.

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