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How to Choose the Right Size TV Stand

How to Choose the Right Size TV Stand

Modern Blaze offers a variety of TV stands with built-in fireplaces. Our customers often ask us what size TV stand should they choose for their TV's. This TV stand size guide will help answer this question!

The very first thing to know is that TV's are actually measured diagonally. This means that a 55 inch TV is not actually 55" wide.

Here is a simple formula to calculate the width of your screen based on the diagonal size: 

Screen Diagonal X 0.872 = Screen Width


Another important thing to note is that the frame around the actual screen is also not included in the measurement. These factors make determining the appropriate furniture width for your TV a little more challenging. The guide below will give you a general idea of the minimum stand size you should use for your TV.

TV stand size Guide

Our TV stand size guide will provide you with the minimum stand size recommended for your TV so that your TV is not wider than the stand, which could pose as a safety hazard.

NOTE: This guide should be used for reference only, the size of the frame may vary by manufacturer and model. We recommend measuring your TV before making a purchase.

TV dimensions are obtained by measuring the screen diagonally from one end of the screen to the other (not including the trim/frame). Recommended TV Stand width assumes a 1-inch frame added to it.

30 inch TV - at least 28 inches wide Stand
32 inch TV - at least 30 inches wide Stand
34 inch TV - at least 32 inches wide Stand
36 inch TV - at least 33 inches wide Stand
38 inch TV - at least 35 inches wide Stand
40 inch TV - at least 37 inches wide Stand
43 inch TV - at least 39 inches wide Stand
44 inch TV - at least 40 inches wide Stand
46 inch TV - at least 42 inches wide Stand
48 inch TV - at least 44 inches wide Stand
50 inch TV - at least 46 inches wide Stand
55 inch TV - at least 49 inches wide Stand
60 inch TV - at least 54 inches wide Stand
65 inch TV - at least 57 inches wide Stand
70 inch TV - at least 63 inches wide Stand
75 inch TV - at least 68 inches wide Stand
80 inch TV - at least 72 inches wide Stand
85 inch TV - at least 75 inches wide Stand

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