Designer and manufacturer of bio ethanol fireplaces, Eco-Feu offers you a large array of designs for the outdoors as well as the indoors. The flame burns clean with­out smoke or residue. Eco-Feu bio fireplaces give off a gentle heat that can be adjusted easily to create your own unique ambiance.

Eco-Feu Offers:

  • Ethanol table top fireplace
  • Wall mounted ethanol fireplaces
  • Freestanding ethanol fireplaces
  • Ethanol inserts for fireplaces
  • Ethanol fireplace fuel
  • Ethanol fireplace logs
  • Ethanol fireplace burners
  • Ethanol fireplace decorative rocks
  • Self-contained Ethanol Fireplaces

Eco-Feu Bio ethanol fireplaces are completely self-contained, easy to assemble, and take approximately 15 minutes to install. Elec­tricity, vents or chimneys are not required

Sophisticated, Eco-friendly and Safe

Eco-Feu’s main focus is safety and superior quality. Our Bio Ethanol, a known renewable energy resource, is designed specifically for the use of our Ethanol fireplaces and tabletops. The combustion of our Bio Ethanol produces heat, water vapour and a small amount of carbon dioxide. Emissions given off by our units are minimal and comparable to the human breath. Eco-Feu’s Bio Ethanol creates a unique and warming ambiance.

Featuring the ECO-VECTION System

Eco-Feu's new technology ECO-VECTION is now integrated in many Eco-Feu ethanol fireplace models. This Automatic Convection system recycles cool air and disperses warm air back into your environment.

Stealthy Flame Control

Eco-Feu fireplace designs are subtly integrated with our pat­ent pending flame control. These units come equipped with a user-friendly dimmer switch, which can either control the flames intensity or completely extinguishes the flame.