10 Practical Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

The day for love and romance is upon us. While we love each other every day, Valentine’s Day gives us an extra reason to shower the ones we love with gifts and affection. (“Awwwe” sound effect here) If you are going out for a nice dinner, set the stage for romance on your return with a gorgeous fireplace. Save dessert for home, chocolate is a must!, and cozy up besides the sexy glow of a warm fire.

Here are some suggestions to bring a mood setting glow to your space.

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Gifts for the Woman who Wants Nothing

This the season for giving! While it’s nice to think of someone with a candle, perfume, or sweater, sometimes you want to really show your loved one how much they mean to you with a special gift.

The ideal gift is thoughtful, as unique and classy as she is. Or maybe you’d like to find trendy gifts for her this year that’ll show her you understand her personal style. Either way, we are here to help you find that perfect Christmas gift for the woman who wants nothing.

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What are Electric Fireplace Inserts?

It was once written: “A house with no fireplace is a house without a heart.”

Does your home have a “heart?”  Perhaps your fireplace is old and needs updating, or maybe you don’t have a fireplace at all. But imagine the warmth and ambiance of a cackling fire on a cold winter’s day, cozying up to your loved one as you snuggle in the pleasant glow.  

Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that there will be no clean up involved?  Or that there would be no wood to chop or purchase?

Enter fireplace inserts. These give the same ambiance and warmth of a log-burning fireplace, but without the extra cost and work.  They are also environmentally friendly as well as safe to use around kids and pets. Simply choose between an electric log set or a firebox.  

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Patio Heaters to Build into a Ceiling or a Wall

Flush mount patio heaters are favorite among home owners, interior designers, architects and engineers because of their clean and seamless look. In this article we will review the types of patio heaters that can be recessed into a ceiling or a wall. View full article →

How to Choose the Right Size TV Stand

Modern Blaze offers a variety of TV stands with built-in fireplaces. Our customers often ask us what size TV stand should they choose for their TV's. This TV stand size guide will help answer this question. View full article →

Electronic Ethanol Burners vs Manual

Electronic ethanol burners are a step up from manual ethanol burners. Automatic ethanol burners can be operated with a remote control, control panel or even your smartphone and smart home system. These remote-controlled bioethanol burners are also safer thanks to many safety sensors overseeing their work. View full article →

5 Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces: New Water Vapor Technology

Electric fireplaces are becoming more and more realistic. In 2017 many top electric fireplace manufacturers introduced a new type of electric fireplaces - water vapor electric fireplaces! View full article →

What is the Largest Ethanol Fireplace for your Room?

Even though ethanol fireplaces don't produce any smoke or chemical emissions, they still burn through the oxygen in the room. That's why there is a minimum room size requirement for each ethanol fireplace. But don't worry, it is very easy to calculate. View full article →

5 Benefits of Electric Fireplaces With Mantels

If you are looking for an imitation fireplace that looks as close to the traditional fireplace as possible and is healthy, safe and super easy to install, an electric fireplace with mantel is your best option. In this article, we will explain the 5 biggest benefits of electric fireplaces with mantels. View full article →

How Safe is Bio-Ethanol Fuel?

Now that you’ve got your bioethanol fireplace, you may be wondering: how safe is bioethanol fuel actually? It has the word “bio” in it and is made from fermented vegetables, but does that mean it’s actually safe? View full article →
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