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Expert Review of Napoleon Electric Fireplaces

Expert Review of Napoleon Electric Fireplaces

“To inspire and enhance the most memorable experiences people enjoy in their homes” - Napoleon’s Vision

Napoleon has a hight-quality electric fireplace for every customer’s need and want. They manufacture great electric fireplaces to fit almost any room, build, decor, and budget, from a basic electric log set to an elaborate see-through or 3-sided electric fireplace. Let's take a closer look at this popular brand and dissect what makes their fireplaces unique.

Napoleon started out as a small family-owned steel fabricating business in Ontario, Canada. Then they diversified and started to manufacture wood stoves. With the success of their first wood stove, the name Napoleon was born.

Today Napoleon is a global fireplace manufacturer that always puts its customers first. They innovate and make improvements based on customers’ needs and wants. 

Napoleon fireplaces have been winning some of the most prestigious awards in the home and hearth industry for many years. This year, the Vesta award was given to Napoleon Clearion - the first truly see-through electric fireplace.

Types of Napoleon Electric Fireplaces

Le's take a closer look at the different types of electric fireplaces Napoleon has to offer. There are currently 5 of them:

1) Wall-mounted fireplaces that can be simply hung on a wall,

2) Built-in fireplaces designed to be recessed into a wall for a more custom look plus a 2-sided Clearion and 3-sided Truvista models that create a category on their own. 

3) Electric log sets designed to bring the life back to old fireplaces, and

4) A variety of fireboxes with mantels and TV cabinets.

 1. Wall-Mounted & Built-in Fireplaces

Wall-mounted fireplaces are space-saving and easy to install heating solutions. Just hang them on the wall using the mounting brackets that come with the fireplace. Installation is basically DIY which makes it a popular choice for many homeowners.

All wall-mounted fireplaces by Napoleon come with pre-installed brackets for easy installation and front heat vents so that they can also be built into a wall. 

So you have 2 installation options with these: just hang on the wall and plug it in or recess into a wall and plug in or hard wire.

Napoleon has two primary series of wall-mounted electric fireplaces, the Allure and Alluravision. The main difference between the two is that Alluravision has a more colorful display than the Allure.


Napoleon Allure Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

All fireplaces in the Allure series are ultra-slim fireplaces with 5” depth. There are 2 subcategories of Allure fireplaces, Allure Vertical and Allure Phantom they have similar features as all Allure models with a slight difference in aesthetic style.

Napoleon Allure makes a statement in any room with its bright orange and blue flames. It already has built-in brackets making it easy to just hang it on the wall and plug it in. Installing this fireplace is as easy as hanging a picture frame. It even comes with a paintable cord cover so you can paint that cord to any color to match the room’s decor.

Napoleon Allure fireplaces have front heat vents making it possible to recess them into a wall as well.

Warming up a room up to 400 sq ft is not a problem for Napoleon Allure. It also comes with a thermostat allowing you to set the desired room temperature and relax. What’s more, is you can save electricity by setting the shut-off timer in case you forget to turn in off.

Napoleon Allure is available in six sizes, 32”, 42”, 50”, 60”, 72”, and 100” wide.

Watch this video to see the flame of Napoleon Allure fireplaces:


Allure Vertical

Allure Vertical has the same features as all Allure fireplaces, but it is tall instead of wide. Vertical in orientation, the Allure Vertical fireplace also has a glass frame with a glass screen that allows to see the flames also from the sides.

Available in two sizes, 32” and 38” tall. This is a great choice when for rooms with little wall space.

Napoleon Allure Vertical Electric Fireplace

Allure Phantom

Napoleon Allure Phantom fireplace has similar features with all the Allure fireplaces, but it does have a different frame and screen.

Phantom features a matte black frame and mesh screen. The Allure Phantom will have less reflection, as opposed to other all-glass Allure fireplaces, it has a subdued and more natural finish.

The Allure Phantom series is available in 3 sizes, 42”, 50”, and 60” wide.

Watch this video to see the difference of Allure Phantom from other Allure Fireplaces:



Featuring four flame and six ember bed colors, Napoleon Alluravision has a more colorful display than the Allure models. Like Allure, Alluravision has a built-in bracket for easy wall installation, just hang it anywhere you want. This fireplace series comes in two depths, the slimline models have a depth of 4 1/4” and the deep models have 5 13/16" depth.

The fireplace depth matters when it comes to flame display. If you want to have more decorative media in front of the fire like logs for example. The deep models come with both fire glass and a log set. While the slimline models are too slim to fit any log set, they come with fire glass.

The slimline models are available in three sizes, 40”, 50”, and 60” wide.

Deep models are available in two sizes only - 50” and 60” wide.

Napoleon Alluravision Electric Fireplace

One other major difference between the slim and deep models is the heat output. The slimline models can only provide up to 5,000 BTUs of heat which is similar to 90% of all electric fireplaces on the market. The Alluravision slimline fireplace can warm up to 400 sq. ft.  While the deep models can provide 9,000 BTUs of heat, (that's almost double!) if they are hardwired to 240V.

Bottom line, If you need to warm up a larger room, the Alluravision deep model is your best choice.

2. Built-in Fireplaces

Like we mentioned earlier, the good thing about Napoleon wall-mounted fireplaces is that if their vent is located in the front, they can also be built into a wall. That is true for Allure and Alluravision fireplaces.

There are also built-in only models that are designed only for recessed installation. Let’s take a look at them.


Napoleon Ascent Electric Firebox Insert

Napoleon Ascent is an electric fireplace insert with a log set. Fireplace inserts are designed to replace traditional wood-burning or gas fireplaces in existing masonry. These are also great for renovations and new construction. You can even install it in a cabinet or a kitchen island.

Napoleon Acesnt features Ultra bright LED, Night Lights, whisper-quiet fan, 9,000 BTU heater capable of heating any room up to 800 square feet if hardwired to 240V, sleep timer and remote control.

Available in two sizes - 33” and 40” wide.


Napoleon Cinema Electric Fireplace Insert

Napoleon Cinema is best for heating up rooms up to 400 square feet as it can only provide up to 5,000 BTUs of heat. Like Ascent, Cinema fireplace insert has NIGHT LIGHTS in blue, orange, white, and multi-colors. It also has a sleep timer and comes with remote control.

Cinema stands out from most electric inserts by having a fire glass version for a more modern look while most electric fireplace inserts come with log sets. Cinema Glass features a Topaz glass ember bed that slowly dies out when turned off for an authentic fireplace experience.

Available in three sizes - 24”, 27”, and 29” wide.


Napoleon Element Electric Firebox Insert

Napoleon Element is a 36” wide built-in firebox with 7 top light colors, 4 flame settings, and 5 ember bed brightness settings. Not only does this fireplace have more colors than Ascent or Cinema, it also has the highest heat output. Element can heat up any room up to 1,000 square feet with 10,000 BTUs of heat. It has three heat settings and thermostatic control from 64 to 82 °F. It also has a timer to automatically shut off and save electricity. All settings can be controlled by the remote that comes with the fireplace.

Element does not come in different sizes, there is only one 36” model. However, among Napoleon’s fireplace inserts, this is the best choice for heating up large rooms as it has the highest heat output.

Trivista 3-Sided Electric Fireplace

Napoleon Trivista is a 3-sided built-in electric fireplace by Napoleon. It comes with side panels that can be added or removed for a one-sided, 2-sided, or 3-sided configuration. It is a good choice for builders and interior designers because of its versatility. It is a great choice for homeowners because it is gorgeous and can heat larger rooms with up to10,000 BTUs of heat, the highest in its category.

Without any of the side panels, this three-sided fireplace offers a great view of its display. The display features 7 flame, 13 ember bed, and 13 top light colors. It comes with both the Northern Wood log set and crystal media. Use one or the other, or even both to create a unique and stunning display of colors.

Napoleon Trivista 3-Sided Electric Fireplace

Napoleon Trivista is best for renovations and new builds in large rooms. It can easily be configured to fit a particular build and gives off lots of heat.

Available in two sizes - 50” and 60” wide.

Watch this video to see the flames of Napoleon Trivista and see all the features in action:

Clearion See-Through Electric Fireplace

Napoleon Clearion is The first truly see-through electric fireplace! Winner of the 2019 Vesta Award for Electric Fireplace, Clearion is definitely more than just a pretty sight. Featuring multicolor LED lights from below, a variety of flame and ember bed colors, and decorative media, this fireplace is an eye-catching wall accent.

As the only truly see-through electric fireplace, it is the only electric fireplace that has the ability to control the temperature in two different rooms. Capable of producing 9,000 BTUs of heat or heat up to 800 square feet, Clearion is truly a stylish and functional wall accent.

Napoleon Clearion See-Through Electric Fireplaces

See-through fireplaces are best installed between interior rooms or dividing walls.

Clearion also has an optional trim that allows for installation into 2x4 walls.

Watch this video to see what the flames of Napoleon Clearion look like:


3. Electric Log Sets

Give your existing masonry fireplace a good facelift with a Napoleon Woodland electric log set. This is a more affordable alternative to a built-in fireplace insert. Installation is quick and easy. Just place it inside an existing masonry, plug in or hardwire, and turn it on.

Napoleon Woodland Electric Log Set Insert

Woodland electric log sets are pretty simple, but they are realistic and do have six heat settings. Providing up to 5,000 BTUs of heat, these log sets can easily heat up rooms up to 400 square feet.

Available in three sizes, 18”, 24”, and 27” wide.

Watch this video to see Napoleon Woodland log set in action:

4. Electric Fireplace Mantels and TV Stands

An electric fireplace does have a number of advantages over a traditional wood or gas burning fireplace. One of them is that it can actually be installed in wooden mantels, cabinets, or TV stands.

Fireplace mantels no longer have to be constructed separately as with wood-burning fireplaces. Napoleon offers a lot of mantel packages that go with their electric fireplaces. 

Electric Fireplace Mantels and TV Stands

With Fireplace & TV Stand combo you get the whole entertainment package complete with shelves, doors, cord management system, and an electric fireplace. The styles vary from contemporary to rustic or traditional to match the room and home. Available in multiple sizes to fit most TVs.

Note that the fireplaces used with these entertainment and mantel packages are the built-in fireplace inserts mentioned above. For the fireplace features, just check the fireplace that comes with the package.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews of Napoleon Electric Fireplaces

What do customers say about Napoleon electric fireplaces? Let’s find out.


According to Google reviews, Allure is one of the most popular electric fireplace series. Customers gave this electric fireplace a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, 42 reviews.

PROS: Most customers like its dancing flames, flame colors, look, and that it’s easy to install. 

CONS: However, some customers do not like it because the blower is a bit noisy and the heat it gives off is only good enough for small rooms.


Alluravision has a smaller frame compared to the Allure series. Customers gave this electric fireplace a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, 18 reviews.

PROS: Attractive, easy to set up, quiet, realistic flame, and supplemental heat source

CONS: The slim models do not provide sufficient heat.


Ascent is one of Napoleon’s electric fireplace inserts. It is also used in some mantel packages and media consoles. Customers gave this fireplace inserts a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, 36 reviews.

PROS: Realistic flame effect, easy to set up, quiet, affordable, and comes with a remote

CONS: Logs look fake, brick lining looks cheap

Cinema is an electric fireplace insert that is also included in some of Napoleon’s mantel packages and TV stands. Customers have this fireplace a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, 58 reviews.

PROS: Realistic flames, quiet, simple installation, good supplemental heat source, multiple settings, 

CONS: Embers brighten and dim at the same time, not so realistic flames, doesn’t give off enough heat


Clearion is the first see-through electric fireplace. It is fairly new and does not have that many reviews just yet. Winner of the 2019 Vesta Award, customers gave this double-sided fireplace a rating of 5 out of 5, 12 reviews.

PROS: Direct wire or plugin capable, beautiful, see-through, easy to set up, quiet, lifelike flames, lots of color options, seen and felt in two rooms

CONS: Spottier flames unlike Allure’s rolling flames and expensive

Woodland electric log set

Woodland electric log set is simple and affordable. Customers gave this fireplace a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, 96 reviews.

PROS: Easy to set up, attractive, quiet, realistic flame, good supplemental heat source, no mess and extreme heat of wood, no gas line needed, retrofit sizes, warranty

CONS: No crackling sound, no lit embers, noisy, not enough heat, cheap plastic parts, flame not bright

Trivista and Element

Trivista and Element are the newest fireplace series by Napoleon. These do not have reviews yet as of the time of writing. We will update the article when more information is available.

Bottom Line

Napoleon has a hight quality electric fireplace for every customer’s need and want. They manufacture great electric fireplaces to fit almost any room, build, decor, and budget, from a basic electric log set to an elaborate see-through or 3-sided electric fireplace.

Based on customer reviews, 5,000 BTU models are only good for heating small rooms or for providing supplementary heat. These cannot be primary heat sources, which is true for most electric fireplaces. Those who need more heat for cold winter months should get electric fireplaces capable of providing 9,000 to 10,000 BTUs of heat, like Alluravision Deep, Trivista, or Element.

For those who are looking to change their wood-burning fireplace to a smokeless and maintenance-free unit, a Woodland electric log set or of one of Napoleon’s fireplace inserts, Ascent, Cinema, or Element, are all great choices with the log set bing the easiest and the most affordable and the element being the most elaborate with all the bells and whistles.

For a hassle-free installation, get one of the wall-mounted fireplaces, Allure or Alluravision. These have built-in brackets and you can just easily hang them on the wall.

For a particular style or special build,Trivista and Clearion fireplaces are both great choices. These 2-sided and 3-sided fireplaces are eye-catching, stylish, and functional wall accents.

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