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Expert Review of Ignis Ethanol Fireplaces

Expert Review of Ignis Ethanol Fireplaces

Among all the modern ventless fireplaces, ethanol fireplaces are becoming more and more popular. Many are going for ethanol fireplaces as they are a versatile way to bring fire to any room or home. Nothing beats the feeling of warmth and coziness that a real fire brings on a cold winter day! The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the messy ashes and soot leftover that you would normally have to deal with while using the traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

There are many brands of Ethanol fireplaces out there, and finding the perfect model for your project can be overwhelming. This is why we are doing a series of expert reviews to help you find the most suitable one for your project. In this expert review, we are going to focus on Ignis!

About the brand

Ignis, a New Jersey-based company, has been a leader in manufacturing ethanol fireplaces since 2011. Ignis manufactures high-quality, top-of-the-line ethanol fireplaces, burners, grates, and accessories.

Each of Ignis fireplaces is carefully designed in the US and carefully tested before going into production, so only top-notch products make the cut. 

As seen on TV

Ignis fireplaces have been featured on Forbes Living and NFL TV shows and will be featured in the Bar Rescue TV Show and Paramount Pictures movie: CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG, both being released in 2020.

Here are a couple of snippets from the first two programs:

In the next section, we are going to take a closer look at each type of ethanol fireplaces that Ignis manufactures and their differences. Hopefully, by the end of this review, we can shed some light and help see if any of them are right for your project.

Ethanol Fireboxes

Ignis ethanol fireboxes

Ignis fireboxes are zero clearance fireplace inserts. This means that these fireboxes are safe to install even without leaving a “clearance zone” between any combustible material and the firebox. All thanks to their patent-pending double wall construction and stone-wool insulation that reduces the heat transfer.  You can use pretty much any framing material. You can even install them in wooden cabinets! 

The newest addition to Ignis firebox collection is Smart Fireboxes. These fireboxes include an electrical component that adds many safety features and button, remote, or voice control to the same great ethanol firebox design that Ignis is famous for.

Smart Ethanol Fireboxes by Ignis

Ignis ethanol fireboxes are built with two layers of stainless steel sheets (3mm each) and stone wool fireproof insulation between the two layers. This type of insulation does not transfer heat to the outer layers making these fireboxes truly zero clearance!

There are single-sided and see-through firebox models that you can choose from. Both variants are available in two finishes; 304 Stainless Steel and Powder Coated Black Steel.

Ignis 2-sided firebox

Ethanol Fireplaces

Ignis ethanol fireplaces are all-in-one package that typically includes a firebox, inserts/burners, damper tool, and the protective glass panel. This makes installation convenient, low-cost, and hassle-free. Ignis offers different types of fireplaces based on the preferred installation: 

  • Recessed (or built-in) fireplaces - “Recessed” simply means installing the fireplace flushed into any non-combustible surface (wall). Some recessed models can also be hung or mounted on a wall if desired. 

Here’s a customer photo of the Ignis Accalia that is installed recessed in a dining room:

Recessed Ethanol Fireplace fireplace by Ignis

  • Wall Mounted - These fireplaces can easily be hung on any wall with included mounting hardware for convenient, hassle-free installation - no remodeling required! These fireplaces make the most use of your vertical space while freeing up floor space. 

Wall Mounted Ignis Fireplace

  • Free standing - Instantly add heat and style to any room without any installation with these free standing ethanol fireplaces. They are 100% portable! You can place them on the floor, on a table, or any flat surface. 

Here’s a customer video review of the Ignis Tectum Mini Free Standing Ethanol Fireplace: 

  • Table-top fireplaces - These are a great alternative to candles and other table decorations. Running out of gift ideas? Add these to your list! These would make a beautiful gift. They are compact and perfect for adding just the right ambiance of fire to any space.

See the Ignis Cube Table Top Fireplace in action here: 

Ethanol Burners

Thinking of building a custom ventless fireplace? Or remodeling your old traditional fireplace? Ignis ethanol burners and grate kits are exactly what you need.

Ignis ethanol burners

Ignis offers a big selection of manual and electronic ethanol burners.

Manual burners, as the name suggests, requires manual operation where you will ignite the flame using a lighter and extinguish it using by closing the damper.

The electronic burners, on the other hand, can be controlled using a remote or a smartphone app. Newer models of these electronic burners can even to connect to Alexa!

Another difference that you might consider is the amount of evaporation and smell.

Fuel does evaporate from manual ethanol burners causing a slight alcohol smell in larger size burners while electronic burners have an enclosed fuel container that prevents fuel evaporation and smell.

Ignis ethanol burner on NFL

Let’s quickly go over these 2 collections:

  • Manual burners - Ignis burners come in different sizes, from small burners that hold just a few ounces of fuel to those that hold more than 10 liters. Larger burners will always have a lid. 

Ignis offers two different types of manual burners: The standard Ethanol Burners and the Eco-Hybrid series of ethanol burners. The main difference between the two is the grade of stainless steel material used. 

The Eco-Hybrid series of ethanol burners use stainless steel grade that is designed for indoor and residential applications.

The standard burners, on the other hand, are more non-corrosive due to the use of higher-grade 304 stainless steel.

  • Electronic Burners - with the addition of electricity and built-in technology, the Ignis ethanol burners are even more safe and friendly for your home or business. These electronic ethanol burners allow you to ignite and extinguish the flame with just the click of a button.

Additionally, these self-monitoring, intelligent burners are equipped to auto-extinguish in case of an emergency. If the fuel runs low, it will notify you through a beeping sound. Note, that you will have to wait for about 12 minutes before you refill.
  • Grates - perfect for inserting into existing fireplaces, Ignis ethanol grate kits are packaged with an ethanol fireplace burner, so you can sit them quickly in your fireplace and start using them right away - without installing anything!

Bottom Line

The perfect combination of quality, affordability and long service life make Ignis our favorite brand of ethanol fireplaces.

Ignis is known for high-quality, top-of-the-line ethanol fireplaces, burners, grates, and accessories - all at the great prices compared to their competitors like Planika for example. 

Ignis offers a wide selection of ethanol fireplaces to cater to any type of installation which is why they are so loved by interior designers, architects, and homeowners alike:

  • If you are looking for built-in ethanol fireplaces that have zero clearances and have less restrictions when it comes to building materials, then check out their firebox collection

  • If you have a vacant wall or if you want to make the most use of your vertical space, then the wall-mounted or recessed fireplaces are the perfect candidates for you.

  • Whether you are looking for a gift, a unique decor, or a good accent for the common areas of your home, these beautiful mini-tabletop fireplaces are definitely a great choice.

  • Instantly add heat and style to any room without any installation with the Ignis free standing ethanol fireplaces

  • If you want to custom build your fireplace, then they also have burners that come in different sizes.  

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