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Expert Review of Dynasty Electric Fireplaces

Expert Review of Dynasty Electric Fireplaces

Today, keeping modern homes warm and cozy doesn’t need to involve ornate and expensive fireplaces and cumbersome chimneys. Modern alternatives like electric fireplaces offer the convenience of easy vent-free installation and eliminate all the hustle from owning a fireplace.

There are many electric fireplace brands these days and how do you know which ones are better than others? You have to do A LOT of research to figure this out. Our series of expert reviews is here to help you find the best brands on the market and today we are going to talk about Dynasty Fireplaces.


Dynasty Fireplaces have been manufacturing fireplaces and stone mantels since 2007. What started out as a small family business crafting beautiful mantelpieces for fireplaces has grown into a maker of easily installed decorative electric fireplaces to cater to all tastes, lifestyles, and places such as homes, shops, or offices.

Today, Dynasty Fireplaces offer 3 lines of electric fireplaces: Harmony BT, Harmony BEF, and Forte Series. Let’s take a look at each of the series.

Harmony Series

Harmony Series is Dynasty Fireplace’s most popular electric fireplace series available in many sizes from 35” to 80” long. Harmony fireplaces are designed for fully flush built-in or recessed installation. With a contemporary clean frameless look, multicolor fame options, and many convenient features like remote control, thermostat, and sleep timer, Harmony fireplaces make an excellent addition to any home or commercial space.

There are two different Harmony electric fireplace models: Harmony BT and Harmony BEF. The differences between the two are more visual than functional. All Harmony fireplaces have a built-in thermostat, heat timer, two-stage heater, front-facing heater, overheat protection, and can be plugged in or hardwired. Both BT and BEF also come with remote control and decorative media.

Let’s go in deeper and see what each fireplace model has to offer.

Harmony BT

Dynasty Harmony BT linear electric fireplace

Harmony BT is an affordable fireplace solution that features 2 flame color options: traditional ember or electric blue. It comes with two decorative media sets, crystals and pebbles, that enhance its 11 ½” tall flame display.

Watch this video to see what it looks like in real life:

The front-facing heater location makes it possible for fully recessed installation. The 35” model can provide heat to any room up to 300 square feet and all the other sizes can warm up to 400 square feet.

Dynasty Harmony BT is available in five sizes, 35", 44", 55", 63", and 79" wide to fit in any room, large or small.

Harmony BEF

Dynasty Harmony Linear Electric Fireplaces

Harmony BEF offers a more robust flame set with 3 flame color options and a multi-color flame bed. The flames are taller and more vivid than Harmony BT hence the flame display is almost 2 inches bigger at 13 ¼”. This display is further enhanced with decorative media like a traditional log or contemporary crystals both of which come included with Harmony BEF.

Watch this video to see the enhanced flame display for yourself:

Just like Harmoney BT, Harmony BEF is also designed for fully recessed installation.

Harmony BEF will look stunning in any room, from a small reading nook to a larger family room.

Available in four sizes - 45", 57", 64", and 80" wide.

Forte Series

Dynasty Forte inserts are designed to convert old wood or gas fireplaces into efficient maintenance-free electric units. They can also be installed independently into a wall, mantel or a cabinet. Dynasty Forte fireplaces offer a more traditional look with standard fireplace proportions, sizes, realistic flame pattern, and decorative logs.

Dynasty forte realistic electric fireplace inserts

There are two different depths for Forte fireplace inserts, 8” or 12”. Aside from their depth, the difference between these two models is a slightly different looking log set and a more robust remote control on the 12” model that allows for a sleep timer from 30 min to 9 hours and thermostat-like temperature control between 60 and 82° F.

All Forte electric fireplace inserts have high and low heat setting, downlight for hearth brightness, 4 flame brightness settings, zero clearance design, overheating and circuit protection, a plug kit for 120 Volt outlets and include a unique resin log with flicker elements that imitate a traditional feel of a wood-burning fireplace.

Forte’s heater has two settings. At its low setting, it provides 2,500 BTUs of heat. At its high setting, it provides 5,000 BTUs of heat which is enough to warm up a room of approximately 400 square feet. For larger rooms, it is still great for providing supplementary heat.

Forte 8” Deep is available in three sizes, 28", 32", and 35" wide with 8" depth.

Forte 12” Deep is available in two sizes, 34" and 37" wide with 12" depth.

Dynasty Forte is perfect for those who want to build a traditional heath with a mantle or those who wish to give their traditional wood-burning fireplace a new life with modern features.

This concludes our review of Dynasty electric fireplaces. Let's take a look of what customers think about them.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews of Dynasty Fireplaces

Dynasty Harmony BT 

According to the customer review rating on Google, the Dynasty Harmony BT ranks at 4.6 stars out of 38 reviews.

Customers like:

The clean design, easy setup, design, style, and price.

Some reviewers didn’t like:

The flame doesn’t look realistic enough, the heater fan was too loud for the heat it produced, confusing dimensions, and not enough glass rocks to cover the base of the fireplace.

Harmony BEF

It is the newest fireplace in Dynasty collection and it is basically an improved version of Harmony BT with more robust flames. It doesn’t have any reviews yet.

Dynasty Forte

Forte ranks at 4.5 stars out of 58 reviews.

Customers like:

Attractive design, realistic look, doesn’t look cheesy, good fit into masonry fireplaces, easy installation, efficient heating.

Some reviewers didn’t like:

Missing or confusing installation instructions.

Bottom line

Dynasty Fireplaces have a well-priced, high-quality electric fireplace for any taste, need, and space. Their linear Harmony series is perfect for those who prefer a more contemporary, off-the-ground look and those who like a traditional wood fireplace look or are looking to replace their old masonry fireplace will find that the Forte series is just what they are looking for.

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