Ignis Ethanol Fireboxes

Ignis ethanol fireboxes are made like no other. They have two layers of stainless steel sheets 3mm each and stone wool fireproofed insulation between the two layers to reduce heat transfer and make it possible to install these fireboxes in combustible materials like drywall or wooden cabinet.

The newest upgrade to Ignis ethanol fireboxes is the addition of electrical components. It allows fireboxes to be controlled via button, remote, smartphone, or smart home. The new technology also provides safety features like automatic shut off when overheating or shaken and a completely inclosed fuel container. Look for Smart Fireboxes to get these upgrades.

There are two types of fireboxes - single-sided and see-through as well as two different finishes - 304 Stainless Steel and powder-coated black steel.

Available in sizes from 24” to 72” long. 

Key features: Insulated double-wall construction, heavy-duty construction: 3mm thick 304 Brushed Stainless Steel, low heat transfer for safe and easy installation into combustible materials, 5-year warranty