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5 Best Frame-Like Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplaces

5 Best Frame-Like Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplaces

In this article, we compare 5 most popular frame-like see-through freestanding bioethanol fireplaces from different manufacturers, uncover their differences and similarities.

There are several popular brands of bioethanol fireplaces that manufacture very similar products with subtle size and features variations. Because of this variety, choosing the best see-through freestanding fireplace can be confusing, especially if the price of one brand is dramatically higher than the other. The table below compares our 5 best selling Frame-like See-Through Fireplaces

The table below compares our 5 best selling fireplaces in this category:

Bio-Blaze Orlando (BB-O)
Bio-Blaze Qube Large  (BB-QL)
The Bio Flame Sek XL

Ignis Tectum Black 

and Ignis Tectum White

The Bio Flame Rogue 2.0
Price (can change) $2,498.00 $2,002.00 $3,146.50 $722.50
5 stars
5 stars  - 5 stars (Amazon Reviews)  -
Made in
Belgium Canada China Canada
3 years
3 years 3 years 3 years  3 years
Black, White
Black, White
Black, White (+$400) Black, White Black, White
39" Wide x  27½" High 
42" Wide x  31½" High  53.5”W x 39.5” H  47.1" Wide x 31.5" High 36.0” Wide x 27.5 Hight
99 lbs
154 lbs  -  67 lbs
Burner Size
(Adjustable Flame)
Two 11.5" burners
(Adjustable Flame)
(Adjustable Flame)
Two 11.75" burners 16" Burner (Adjustable Flame)
Heats  480 sq.ft
Heats 950 sq.ft. 27000 BTUs / Heats 1001 sq.ft 12,000 BTUs 17000 BTUs / Heats 742 sq.ft.
Patents & Testing
UL Listed
 - UL Listed


5 Best Frame-Like Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplaces:

1. Bio-Blaze Orlando (BB-O)

Bio-Blaze Orlando

2. Bio-Blaze Qube Large  (BB-QL)

Bio-Blaze Qube Large

3. The Bio Flame Sek XL

The Bio Flame Sek XL White

4. Ignis Tectum Black 

Ignis Tectum Black

and Ignis Tectum White 

Ignis Tectum White

5. The Bio Flame Rogue 2.0

The Bio Flame Ruge 2.0

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