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Modern Blaze provides a unique, modern and eco-friendly solution for contractors, designers, and architects, as well as home and business owners who are looking for an alternative to a traditional wood or gas fireplace in residential, commercial, or hospitality projects. Our fireplaces do not require chimneys or venting, creating endless design opportunities without expensive structural modifications.

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Modern Fireplaces: 5 Smart Placement Ideas

In modern floor plans, fireplaces serve many different functions, from helping visually divide spaces to creating a focal point.

Modern Fireplaces: 5 Smart Placement Ideas

Here are 5 fireplace placement ideas to inspire your modern space:

1. See-through fireplace

Use a see-through fireplace to define separate spaces within an open layout, while allowing a peek through to the room on the other side.

gnis Ethanol Firebox - 39" Built-in See-Through Ventless Fireplace (FB2400-D)

 2. Electric Fireplace with Multicolor Flame

Modern fireplace with blue flames and golden frame fits well in this luxurious living room. It creates a perfect focal point and adds to grotesque design of the space. 

Modern fireplace with blue flames  - living room  
3. Linear electric fireplace 

Linear built-in electric fireplace adds warmth and livens up this modern minimalistic living room - fireplace and art piece in one package.

Modern Flames 80" Landscape Series Built-in Electric Fireplace (LFV8015-SH)

  4. TV Stand with Electric Fireplace

Did you know that your TV Console could also serve as a fireplace?

Classic Flame Gotham TV Stand for 80" TV with Electric Fireplace (26MM9313-D974)

5. Linear Fireplace in Outdoor Dining Room

The fireplace placement enables the homeowners to enjoy it from both their interior and exterior spaces. It also creates a focal point for the narrow space, making it feel wider.

Amantii Panorama DEEP 88″ Built-in Outdoor Electric Fireplace w/Cover (BI-88-DEEP-OD)

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