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Creative Water Vapor Fireplace Installation Ideas

Creative Water Vapor Fireplace Installation Ideas

Water Vapor Fireplaces are probably the most popular and the most realistic vent-free fireplaces right now. They are the perfect alternative to traditional wood or gas fireplaces. One of the reasons why they are so hot is because they have a ton of installation options and all of them are pretty easy and relatively inexpensive to implement. 

If you want to learn more about water vapor fireplaces, start with this article: Water Vapor or "Steam" Fireplace Buying Guide

Now, let's take a look at some of the most creative water vapor fireplace installations found around the world. 

Long Ribbon Fireplace with Open Sides

With Dimplex Opti-Myst cassettes you can build a long linear fireplace of any length - several cassettes can be easily connected without any gaps. And since there is no real fire you don't have to use fireproof materials or worry about venting. 

Long Linear Vent-Free Fireplace

Long Linear Vent-Free Fireplace

Linear Water Varpor Fireplace

2-Sided Fireplace In a Dividing Wall 

A see-through fireplace in a dividing wall between a kitchen and living room or a bedroom and bathroom is another popular installation that is not always easy to pull off with a traditional fireplace. Luckily, with Dimplex Opti-Myst Firebox it is possible to have a 2-sided fireplace even in a house or apartment without a chimney!

2-sided vent-free fireplace

2-sided vent-free fireplace in a dividing wall

3-Sided Fireplace in a Half-Wall 

Building a fireplace that is open on 3 sides into a half-wall is an interesting installation option. This helps to visually section out your space, creates a beautiful focal point, and ensures that the fireplace can be enjoyed from any angle. 3-sided fireplace installation can be easily done in any space with any of our water vapor cassettes. All you need is access to electricity.

3-sided fireplace installation in half-wall

360-Degree Fireplace 

You can easily build a 360-degree fireplace that is open on all sides with any of our water vapor cassettes. It will look beautiful and realistic because the vapor flames are 3-dimensional. The best part is that you don't have to worry about accidental burns or setting your house on fire!

360-degree fireplace in a bedroom

360-degree fireplace in a hotel

Freestanding Fireplace

Water vapor cassettes can be used to build a stand-alone fireplace that is open on all sides and can be used for example in a living room in place of a coffee table or built into a coffee table. You do have to figure out how to connect the cassette to electricity whether you are hardwiring it in or plugging it in, so these freestanding fireplaces are not as mobile as ethanol ones.

Custom Tabletop Water Vapor Fireplace 

Freestanding Water Vapor Fireplace

Fireplace Built Into a Shelf

Water Vapor Cassettes are very flexible when it comes to installation options. You can even build them into shelves or other pieces of furniture.

Shelf with Water Varpor Fireplaces

Water Vapor Fireplace Built into a Shelf

Traditional Looking Fireplace

Water vapor cassettes can be used to create a realistic traditional fireplace look. You can either build a new fireplace or use a cassette or an insert and just place it inside of an existing fireplace opening. With this installation, you get the best of both worlds: the ambiance of a traditional hearth and easy use without any wood chopping, no smoke, smell or clean up afterward. 

Traditionally Looking Water Vapor Fireplace

Traditional Looking Water Vapor Fireplace

Traditional Looking Water Vapor Fireplace

Traditional Looking Water Vapor Fireplace in a Hotel

These are just some of the installation ideas you can do with a water vapor fireplace. Let us know if you have any other installation ideas or have any questions about installations discussed here by emailing

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Dyann - April 25, 2022

Hello, Julie!

Can I ask if you bought the unit from Modern Blaze? If so, we can ask our warehouses if they have the available parts or we can contact Dimplex directly.

Julie - April 25, 2022

With the optimist 1000 , where can we buy some replacement lites?

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