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Amazing Modern Luxury Linear Fireplaces

Amazing Modern Luxury Linear Fireplaces

Long linear fireplaces are gaining popularity in modern interior design. You see them in many posh lobbies and trendy restaurants all over the world. Linear fireplaces bring a luxurious feel and spectacular view to any room. 

Gas used to be the only fuel option when it comes to linear fireplaces. Not anymore. With more people living in cities, becoming environmental and health cautious, electric and ethanol fireplaces were introduced and quickly started gaining popularity.

Linear Electric Fireplaces

The main reason for choosing a linear electric fireplace over any other type is that it's virtually maintenance free. You only need to dust them every once in a while.

Linear electric fireplaces are the most popular to install in hotel lobbies, conference rooms, restaurants, and spacious houses. There are many different sizes and styles. Some can be recessed, others simply hung on any wall. With modern technology, the flames look so real you can't even tell it's imitation! 

Take a look for yourself. Here are some of the linear electric fireplaces available on our website presented in room settings:

1. Modern Flames Spectrum Slimline Built-in/Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

2. EcoSmart Fire Linear Built-In Electric Fireplace

3. Dimplex IgniteXL 100-Inch Built-in Hardwired Electric Fireplace

4. Modern Flames "Landscape Pro Multi" 3-Sided Smart Electric Fireplace

5. Amantii Panorama XT 88-Inch Indoor /Outdoor Electric Fireplace

6. Modern Flames "Landscape Pro Slim" Smart Electric Fireplace

Linear Ethanol Fireplaces

If you're looking for a real, ribbon-like fire, then linear ethanol fireplaces would be the best choice. Ethanol fireplaces don't require a vent, chimney, or flue and can be installed pretty much anywhere. Ethanol is a clean-burning fuel and unlike gas, it only produces small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Linear ethanol fireplaces look spectacular. There are many options to choose from as well:

1. EcoSmart Fire Flex Single Sided Ethanol Firebox
2. The Bio Flame 38-Inch Ethanol Fireplace Burner

3. Eco-Feu Santa Cruz Built-in/Free Standing See-Through Ethanol Fireplace

4. The Bio Flame 48-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace Burner

5. Eco-Feu Santa Cruz 63-Inch Wall Mounted/Built-in Ethanol Fireplace

6. The Bio Flame 60-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace Burner

7. The Bio Flame 72-Inch Firebox SS - Built-in Ethanol Fireplace
8. The Bio Flame 84-Inch Firebox DS - Built-in See-Though Ethanol Fireplace

If you want to find a perfect fireplace to match your style and needs, we can help you with that. Just give us a call or shoot us an email

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