10 Cool Kitchens With Fireplaces Ideas

A fireplace is one of the best ways to make your modern kitchen or dining room feel more cozy, warm and welcoming.

10 Cool Kitchens With  Fireplaces

Modern electric fireplaces are perfect for placing in a kitchen, as most of them don't require any special structural modification and can be simply hung on a wall or recessed into a wall without any chimney or vent. This flexibility allows to be more creative with fireplace placement. One of the most popular spots, for example, is right above the bar - that would be very hard to implement with a traditional wood burning fireplace. Here are a few ideas of fireplace placement in a kitchen and dining room area.

1. Wall mounted fireplace hung directly above the bar.

 This placement would look great in a  sleek modern kitchen or a man cave depending on the style and the size of the fireplace you choose. 

 Modern Flames Ambiance CLX2 45" Built in/Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace (AL45CLX2)

2. Beautiful Large linear electric fireplace along the dining table. 

The picture below demonstrates how this gorgeous linear electric fireplace creates an intimate and luxurious atmosphere in this restaurant. You can implement this design in your home if you have a large enough dining room with a long table.

odern Flames Ambiance CLX2 144" Built in/Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace (AL144CLX2)

3. Small Electric Fireplace for Cozy Kitchens.

Small Electric Fireplace for Cozy Kitchen

4. Electric fireplace mounted above the kitchen bar. 

Amantii 50" Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace (WM‐50‐BLK)

5. Outdoor dining area with built-in outdoor electric replace.

 Amantii Panorama SLIM 60″ Built-in Outdoor Electric Fireplace w/Cover (BI-60-SLIM-OD)

6. Linear wall mounted electric fireplace with back lights livens up this modern breakfast nook.

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace above The Dining Table

7. Fireplace placed above the bar is a very popular concept. In this case, it makes a boring kitchen more interesting and welcoming.

Modern Flames 40" Built-in/Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace - No Heat (SF40/BILV)

8. Panoramic fireplace with multi-color flame brings life to this monochrome outdoor dining room.

Amantii Panorama DEEP 88″ Built-in Outdoor Electric Fireplace w/Cover (BI-88-DEEP-OD)

9. Beautiful pink flames of our modern electric fireplace complete the unique modern design of this bar.

Amantii Panorama DEEP 50″ Built-in Electric Fireplace (BI-50-DEEP)

10. Electric fireplace built into the wall that separates the living room from the kitchen and dining room creates a necessary accent and warms up both areas. 

Modern Flames 40" Landscape Series Built-in Electric Fireplace (LFV4015-SH)

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