Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Ideas in Living Room

In this article you will find many wall mounted electric fireplace design ideas. We have included pictures of electric fireplaces in homes that will provide some creative inspiration for your project. Get inspired by the dozens of pictures of wall mounted fireplace placement ideas in living room including all time favorite - electric fireplace ideas with TV above! View full article →

10 Best Gas Fire Pit Tables for your Backyard

A gas fire pit that can also double as a patio table is a convenient way to add fire to your outdoor space and entertain your guests. These 10 hight-quality gas fire pits are made in the USA and meet the highest design and quality standards. View full article →

11 Eco-Friendly Minimalist Fireplaces

In this article, we gathered the 11 most sleek & modern ventless fireplaces from our collections of electric, ethanol, and water vapor fireplaces. No faux logs or cheesy imitations. The styles we chose range from the popular ribbon fireplaces to colorful flame displays with contemporary glass crystals. All models have simple lines and clean design. View full article →

50 Modern Outdoor Fireplaces

We have curated some amazing decor pieces for your modern backyard. These sleek fireplaces look very high-end and give a luxury feel to any patio, deck, or pool area. 

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Best Hand-Crafted Fire Pits for Your Backyard

Unique hand-crafted fire pits by Fire Pit Art will make your backyard bonfire more special than ever! Each fire pit is an art piece. They are so impressive that they were used at 2010 Winter Olympics and 2016 Sundance Festival!  View full article →

Amazing Modern Luxury Linear Fireplaces

Long linear fireplaces are gaining popularity in modern interior design. You see them in many posh lobbies and trendy restaurants all over the world. Linear fireplaces bring a luxurious feel and spectacular view to any room. 

Gas used to be the only fuel option when it comes to linear fireplaces. Not anymore. With more people living in cities, becoming environmental and health cautious, electric and ethanol fireplaces were introduced and quickly started gaining popularity.

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10 Amazing Electric Fireplaces With Changing Flame Color

Manufacturers of Electric Fireplaces are constantly innovating. Thanks to that, electric fireplaces boast such impressive features as a realistic flame imitation, temperature control, and variable flame intensity, all of which can be controlled via hi-tech touch screen and sleek remote control. One of the newest additions to this impressive list is a multi-colored flame. View full article →

10 Breathtaking Modern Pools with Fireplaces

Fire and water have always attracted and fascinated people. They bring calm, peace, and joy to all around them. Combine the two together and you'll have a paradise in your back yard. Here is some inspiration for pool and fireplace combination. View full article →

Modern Fireplaces: 5 Smart Placement Ideas

In modern floor plans, fireplaces serve many different functions, from helping visually divide spaces to creating a focal point. Here are 5 fireplace placement ideas to inspire your modern space.

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7 Perfect Portable Fire Pits

Portable fire pits are a great option for outdoor fireplaces. Usually bowl-shaped and made of metal, they come in a variety of finishes and designs.

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