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Fireplace Design

  • 7 Perfect Portable Fire Pits

    8 Perfect Portable Fire Pits

    If you're looking to add a cozy and inviting atmosphere to your backyard, a portable fire pit may be just what you need. Not only do they provide warmth and light, but also serve as a captivating focal point for outdoor gatherings and can be moved around to suit your needs.

    Whether you’re planning a small backyard party, a large-scale outdoor cookout event, or a serene family camping trip, a portable fire pit is a fantastic addition to elevate your outdoor experience.

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  • Amazing Modern Luxury Linear Fireplaces

    Amazing Modern Luxury Linear Fireplaces

    Long linear fireplaces are gaining popularity in modern interior design. You see them in many posh lobbies and trendy restaurants all over the world. Linear fireplaces bring a luxurious feel and spectacular view to any room. 

    Gas used to be the only fuel option when it comes to linear fireplaces. Not anymore. With more people living in cities, becoming environmental and health cautious, electric and ethanol fireplaces were introduced and quickly started gaining popularity.

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  • 10 Amazing Electric Fireplaces With Changing Flame Color

    10 Amazing Electric Fireplaces With Changing Flame Color

    Manufacturers of electric fireplaces are constantly innovating. With impressive features like realistic flame technology, temperature control, and variable flame intensity, electric fireplaces have definitely leveled up.

    All these can be controlled via the sleek, touch-screen remote control. One of the newest additions to this list is multi-colored flames.

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  • 21 Amazing Fire Pit Ideas

    21 Amazing Fire Pit Ideas

    A fire pit can be a great addition to your backyard, patio, deck or pool. It will be an interesting centerpiece. It will keep you warm and cozy, and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space with comfort. 

    We've put together ideas that would be great for your fire pit purchase or even a DIY fire pit. 
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