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Amantii Symmetry Electric Fireplaces

Amantii Symmetry Bespoke Electric Fireplaces

Amantii Symmetry Series Electric Fireplaces are perfect for resident. . .
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Amantii Symmetry Bespoke Electric Fireplaces

Amantii Symmetry Series Electric Fireplaces are perfect for residential and commercial places like hotels and restaurants. They have a clean look, realistic flames with multicolor top light and ember bed, and can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Heat is optional and temperature-controlled. Installation is easy, these fireplaces can be fully recessed or flush-mounted.

Choose from 2 different models all available in sizes from 50", 60", or 74" long:

  • Symmetry Bespoke with Realistic Flame, multiple decorative media options, and Touchpad Control included. Can be wall-mounted or fully recessed in 2x6 walls.
  • Symmetry Bespoke XT with extra tall Flame Display and colorful Canopy Lighting, even more decorative media options, and Touchpad Control (the most impressive flame display out Symmetry fireplaces). Can be fully recessed in 2x12 walls.

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Electric Fireplaces FAQ's

How do electric fireplaces work?

Electric fireplaces operate by pulling in air from the room heating it internally through a heating coil and then circulating the air back out into the space with the help of a fan. They incorporate LED lights and a mirror component to produce a flame effect. Modern LCD electric fireplaces utilize an LCD screen to showcase the flames. In both scenarios the flames and heat can be controlled separately allowing you to enjoy the flames during seasons without generating heat. To use a fireplace simply plug it into an outlet or power source; they can be controlled using a remote control. Smart electric fireplaces offer convenience by enabling control via an app and voice commands.

How efficient are electric fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces are highly efficient, in converting energy into heat as nearly all of the electricity consumed is directly converted into heat output. They do not necessitate a chimney or vent resulting in no heat loss through ventilation channels making them more efficient for room heating compared to wood or gas fireplaces. Moreover they support zone heating allowing you to selectively heat the areas you are using thereby lowering energy expenses.

Who installs electric fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces are often easy for homeowners to install especially if they are freestanding or plug in models. These types typically require minimal setup. Usually just unboxing and plugging into an electrical outlet. However, for installations like wall mounted or built in units it's best to hire a qualified electrician or professional installer to ensure safe installation in compliance with local building codes. This is especially crucial for direct wire models that require connection to your homes system.

How long do electric fireplaces last?

Typically electric fireplaces can last from 10 to 20 years. To ensure longevity it's important to choose a brand as quality can vary significantly among manufacturers. Here at Modern Blaze we guarantee that every brand we offer meets our high quality standards.

How much are electric fireplaces?

The prices of fireplaces can vary widely depending on their size, features and design. Generally speaking prices range from around $300 for basic, compact models to upwards of $5,000 for high-end built in units equipped with advanced technology such, as realistic flame effects, smart home integration and more powerful heating systems. Mid priced models usually range from $700 to $2,500 providing a mix of quality, features, and design.

Electric Fireplace Resources

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