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Expert Review of Modern Flames Electric Fireplaces

Expert Review of Modern Flames Electric Fireplaces

Modern Flames is one of the top manufacturers of electric fireplaces, they have been one of the first brands of electric fireplaces on the market ever since they started in 2008 and they continue to be a leader in electric fireplace design and technology.

All Modern Flames fireplaces have realistic looking flames, commercial-grade quality, and are reasonably priced, from the simplest fireplace inserts to state of the art smart fireplaces, making them one of our best selling brands of electric fireplaces. 

About Modern Flames

In 2008, Modern Flames introduced the first contemporary linear fireplace throughout North America. Until now, the look continues to be the favorite of homeowners, designers, architects, and builders for the realistic flames, easy installation, and the significantly lower operating cost compared to gas.

CLX which is short for Custom Linear Deluxe is Modern Flames’ award-winning series of linear fireplaces. Back in 2010, people did not even think about recessing an electric fireplace in a 2x4 wall until the inception of the CLX made it possible.

About Modern Flames

After a decade of constant innovation and product evolution, Modern Flames now has 8 series of electric fireplaces that cater to different customers’ needs and wants.

Modern Flames has a fireplace for every need: From wall mounted fireplaces that can be simply hung on any wall - to recessed, 3-sided, smart fireplaces, and fireplace inserts. The best fireplace for you always depends on what you need and what you want.

Let's take a closer look at all the different types of fireplaces Modern Flames has to offer and see what they are good for.

In 2020 Modern Flames has introduced 3 new linear electric fireplace lines that feature new flame technology and advanced controls. Let's start with them. 

Spectrum Slimline - Good

Spectrum Slimline can be recessed in a 2x4 wall or wall-mounted. This slim fireplace features 12 different flame and ember bed colors, adjustable flame brightness and speed control. And it comes with both glass crystals and a highly detailed log set. The sleek 5/8” frame allows for the finishing material like brick or tile to go right up to the edge of the fireplace.

Available in 4 sizes: 50”, 60”, 74”, 100”.

Modern Flames Spectrum Slimline

Landscape Pro Slim - Better

Landscape Pro Slim is a true built-in/ clean face fireplace designed for standard 2” x 6” framing. Virtually no trim or frame is required for this fireplace allowing for a true frameless installation.

This high-tech realistic fireplace features brand new brighter and more realistic flame technology, ember bed and downlighting each with independent controls by a color wheel allowing everybody to find their own perfect flame color. Includes Wi-Fi full-featured app control, hand-painted realistic log set and new high-efficiency ceramic heater with a programmable thermostat that you can control via a smartphone app or wireless wall control.

Available in 4 popular sizes 44", 56", 68", and 80" widths.

Landscape Pro Slim

Landscape Pro Multi - Best

Landscape Pro Multi is top of the line 3-sided smart electric fireplace that can be installed in 12 different ways. Similar to the Sunset Charred Oak, this built-in electric fireplace is fully controllable with its remote, Wi-Fi app and Smart Home.

Most Modern Flames Fireplaces, aside from the Spectrum series, either have natural orange flames or orange and blue flames. Landscape Pro Multi doesn’t just have multicolored flames, it also has multicolored downlight and ember bed. The colors are independent of each other which allows hundreds of color combinations.

Landscape Pro Multi

In addition to the beautiful flame colors, this is the only electric fireplace by Modern Flames that can produce 10,000 BTUs of heat, if wired to 240 V. Enough to heat up to 1,000 sq. ft.

If you’re looking for a modern realistic electric fireplace with all the bells and whistles, and lots of heat and color options, this might be the perfect one for you.

Landscape Pro Multi is available in four sizes, 42”, 54”, 66”, and 78”.


Ambiance CLX 2 Series

Ambiance CLX 2 is an improved version of Modern Flames original award-winning CLX series. It can be wall mounted or recessed into any 2” x 4” wall. CLX 2 has more flame colors, orange and blue, an option to have a 9-color LED backlight, a thermostat and a commercial-grade motor that can run 24/7.

Ambiance CLX 2 Series

This electric fireplace has a bottom heat vent which is great for people who plan to install a TV above their electric fireplace. The heater can heat up any room up to 400 square feet with 5,000 BTUs of heat. Heat can be set using the built-in touchscreen with thermostat feature or remote control.

Each CLX 2 fireplace also comes with interchangeable decorative media: coal and glacier crystals - allowing you to switch from traditional to a more contemporary look.

Available in five convenient sizes, 45”, 60”, 80”, 100”, and 144”, it’s easy to get the right size for any residential or commercial space. 


Home Fire Series

Modern Flames Home Fire is a customizable built-in electric firebox with unsurpassed realistic flames. It allows the customer to choose the look that they want, traditional or contemporary. First, choose a decorative media, a log set for a more traditional look or glass crystals for a modern feel. Then, choose a side panel, reflective black glass or red Herringbone brick. It’s all up to you and what you want.

Home Fire Series

Home Fire is designed to be flush mounted or built into the wall which is possible because of its front vent location. Home Fire’s 5,000 BTU heater is good for heating up a small room or for providing supplementary heat to a larger room. Variable heat and flame can be adjusted using the touch screen or sleek remote control that comes with the fireplace.

Available in three traditional sizes, 36”, 42” and 60” wide.


Builder Series

Builder series fireplaces are optimized for price and longevity. These fireplaces do not have heat, but they are affordable and beautiful lifelike flames. A builder series fireplace will definitely add character and ambiance to any room.

No heat means it is slimmer, doesn't have any minimum clearance requirements, and can bring the warm atmosphere of fire to any room year-round.

Builder Series

These fireplaces cost pennies to operate as LED lights only use 25 Watts.

The remote control is optional, a lot of times these fireplaces are turned on and off by a wall switch, just like a light.

Builder series fireplaces are especially popular among hotels because of their cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

Available in two sizes, 40” and 43”.


ZCR 2 Series

ZCR 2 Series electric inserts are designed to transform a wood-burning fireplace into one with modern features. No smoke, no mess, and no maintenance needed.

Insert into an existing fireplace or into a wall. ZCR 2 is easy to install. This attractive and affordable electric fireplace insert comes with driftwood logs and glacier glass adding beauty to the realistic flames. It also comes with a remote to control the flame brightness and heat.

ZCR 2 Series

At its highest setting, this fireplace insert provides 4,800 BTUs of heat - enough to heat around 400 sq. ft. You can use the touch screen or remote to set the room to a specific temperature with the built-in thermostat.

If you’re planning to transform an existing fireplace into an electric one with modern features and no maintenance, a ZCR 2 fireplace insert is the best choice.

Available in sizes that fit most fireplaces, 32”, 38”, and 43” wide.


Spectrum Series

Modern Flames Spectrum Series Built-In Flush Mount Electric Fireplace is true to its name as it brings a full spectrum of colors to any room. If the other Modern Flames electric fireplaces only have orange or orange and blue flames, the Spectrum series fireplaces feature 12 different flame colors. Add that to a larger viewing area, the result is quite stunning.

Spectrum Series

Multicolor glacier crystals are included with the fireplace to enhance the colorful flames. Spectrum has variable heat with thermostat. Easily change flame colors and heat settings using the remote that comes with the fireplace. Its heater can easily heat up any room up to 450 square feet.

If you are looking for a modern fireplace with more color options, this is the fireplace for you.

Available in 36”, 50”, and 74”. 


Sunset Charred Oak 

Sunset Charred Oak is an electric log set that’s truly one of a kind! It is the first battery operated and Wi-Fi enabled log set. No cord needed means a more realistic look. No need for an electric line. Just place the insert inside your existing fireplace and turn it on.

Modern Flames Sunset Charred Oak Electric Log Insert

Wi-Fi connectivity allows this electric log set to connect to Google Home, Amazon Alexa & Homekit. Perfect for smart homes.

If you want your wood-burning fireplace to continue looking like one without the drawbacks, Sunset Charred Oak is a great choice with only one caveat, this log set has no heat.

Available in two sizes, 20” and 26” wide.


Landscape Series

Modern Flames Landscape series is designed as an affordable substitute to a linear gas fireplace. This built-in clean face fireplace has a frameless design that allows for edge to edge flames viewing and endless surround options. 

This fireplace has a commercial-grade motor for 24/7 operation and a dual heating element located at both sides of the fireplace. The heater can easily heat any room up to 450 square feet. Use the tethered touchpad or remote control to set the heat and flame.

Landscape Series

Each Landscape fireplace comes with standard media, a coal ember bed, but upgrade options are available to customize your fireplace and get the look that you want.. Get a log set for a more traditional look or a glass ember kit for a more contemporary look.

Landscape series fireplaces are popular among residential and commercial customers who are looking for a modern-style fireplace with realistic flames.

Available in five sizes, 40”, 60”, 80”, 100”, and 120” long. 



Bottom Line

Choose a Modern Flames fireplace if you are looking for a realistic high-quality electric fireplace.

Another reason to get a Modern Flames electric fireplace would be commercial application since their CLX and Landscape lines have commercial-grade motors.

If heat is not a necessary function, choose to get a Builder series fireplace which is very cost-effective and also popular for commercial applications, such as hotel rooms.

For those who are looking for something to replace their old wood-burning fireplace, the ZCR 2 fireplace insert or Sunset Charred Oak cordless log insert are just perfect. 

Almost all Modern Flames fireplaces have a modern appeal. For those who are looking for a more traditional fireplace look, Home Fire series is a great choice. It even has options for brick side panels.

For more flame colors both Spectrum and Landscape Pro Multi are both wonderful choices. 

And if you simply want the best of the best, definitely got with Landscape Pro Multi.

Constant innovation and product evolution are the key for Modern Flames’ success. This fireplace manufacturer simply offers some products that their competitors do not have, like cordless smart log insert. So, whatever it is you need or want out of a fireplace, Modern Flames might just be able to find a solution for you.

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