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Expert Review of Modern Flames Electric Fireplaces

Expert Review of Modern Flames Electric Fireplaces

Modern Flames is one of the top manufacturers of electric fireplaces. They've been industry pioneers since 2008, and they continue to be a leader in electric fireplace design and technology.

All Modern Flames fireplaces are commercial-grade quality, have realistic looking flames, and are reasonably priced. From simple to state-of-the-art smart fireplaces, they're consistently one of our best selling brands. 

About Modern Flames

In 2008, Modern Flames introduced the first contemporary linear fireplace in North America.

Now, it continues to be the favorite of homeowners, creatives, and builders alike for highly realistic flames, easy installation, and significantly lower operating cost compared to gas fireplaces.

After a decade of constant innovation and product evolution, Modern Flames now has a solid lineup of electric fireplaces that cater to different customers’ needs and wants.

Let's take a closer look at the different types of fireplaces the brand has to offer and see what makes them consistent customer favorites.

1. Landscape Pro Multi

Landscape Pro Multi is a top of the line, 3-sided smart electric fireplace that can be installed in 12 different ways. It's fully controllable by its remote, Wi-Fi app, and Smart Home.

Landscape Pro Multi also has multicolored downlight and ember bed. The colors are independent of each other which allows for hundreds of color combinations.

Modern Flames "Landscape Pro Multi" 3-Sided Smart Electric Fireplace
In photo: Modern Flames "Landscape Pro Multi" 3-Sided Smart Electric Fireplace

This model has the most powerful heater of all Modern Flames electric fireplaces. It can produce 10,000 BTUs of heat, and if wired to 240 V. would be enough to heat up to 1,000 sq. ft. 

If you’re looking for a modern, realistic electric fireplace with all the bells and whistles, and lots of heat and color options, this might be the perfect one for you.

Landscape Pro Multi is available in five sizes, 44”, 56”, 68”, 80", and 96”.

2. Landscape Pro Slim

Landscape Pro Slim is a true built-in fireplace designed for standard 2” x 6” framing. Virtually no trim or frame is required, allowing for a true frameless installation.

Modern Flames "Landscape Pro Slim" Smart Electric Fireplace
In photo: Modern Flames "Landscape Pro Slim" Smart Electric Fireplace

This high-tech fireplace features brighter and more realistic flame technology, ember bed, and downlighting, each with independent controls by a color wheel allowing everybody to find their own perfect flame color.

It includes Wi-Fi full-featured app control, a hand-painted realistic log set, and new high-efficiency ceramic heater with a programmable thermostat that you can control via a smartphone app or wireless wall control.

Available in 4 sizes 44", 56", 68", and 80".

3. Spectrum Slimline

Spectrum Slimline can be recessed into a 2x4 wall or wall-mounted. This slim fireplace features 12 different flame and ember bed colors, adjustable flame brightness, and speed control.

It comes with both glass crystals and a highly detailed log set. The sleek 5/8” frame allows for the finishing material like brick or tile to go right up to the edge of the fireplace.

Available in 4 sizes: 50”, 60”, 74”, and 100”.

Modern Flames Spectrum Slimline Built-in/Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
In photo: Modern Flames Spectrum Slimline Built-in/Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

4. Redstone Series

Redstone looks like a real traditional fireplace without the drawbacks. This 30" wide fireplace comes with two trims and it's designed for easy installation.

Just slide it into an existing zero clearance fireplace and add the trim for a perfect finish. Installing this fireplace can be a DIY job.

Modern Flames Redstone 30" Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert
In photo: Modern Flames Redstone 30" Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert

Modern Flames' Hybrid-FX™ Flame Technology allows for independent control of the flame and ember bed colors, resulting in more color combinations and more vibrant flames.

Redstone Series comes in three sizes, 26", 30", and 42". 

5. CLX 2 Series

CLX 2 is an improved version of Modern Flames original award-winning CLX series. It can be wall mounted or recessed into any 2” x 4” wall.

Modern Flames CLX 2 80" Built in/Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
In photo: Modern Flames CLX 2 80" Built in/Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Each CLX 2 fireplace also comes with interchangeable decorative media: coal and glacier crystals - allowing you to switch from traditional to a more contemporary look.

CLX2 is one of Modern Flames' older models. This is planned to be discontinued and replaced with the newer Spectrum Slimline and Landscape Pro Slim.

Final Thoughts

All Modern Flames Electric Fireplaces are high quality, and are great for both residential and commercial installations.

To sum up, here are the top reasons why you should choose Modern Flames products:

  • Realistic, high-quality electric fireplace
  • Modern appeal
  • Variety of flame and ember bed color combinations
  • Smart 3-sided electric fireplaces are perfect for smart homes 
  • Most smart fireplaces can be controlled via phone app, Alexa, or Google Home

Constant innovation and product evolution are the keys behind Modern Flames’ success. So, whatever it is you need or want out of a fireplace, Modern Flames might just have the solution for you.


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