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7 Perfect Portable Fire Pits

7 Perfect Portable Fire Pits

Portable fire pits are a great option for outdoor fireplaces. Usually bowl-shaped and made of metal, they come in a variety of finishes and designs.

Traditional wood-burning fire pits. These original fire pits made to burn a few small pieces of wood at a time:

1. Fire Sense 30" Fire Pit

 Fire Sense Portsmouth - 30” Steel Fire Pit With Spark Screen (#60904)

 2. Fire Sense Patio Fireplace

Fire Sense Pagoda Portable Wood Burning Patio Fireplace (#02679)

Some wood-burning fire pits double up as cocktail tables and grills:

3. Fire Sense Fire Pit - Coffee Table

Fire Sense Steel Revolver Fire Pit With Wooden Top - Wood Burning (#60532)

 4. Fire Sense Steel Cocktail Table - Fire Pit

Fire Sense Steel Cocktail Table Fire Pit - Wood Burning - Bronze Finish (#61331)

Bowl shaped fire pits are very popular and can be used with or without dome-shaped screen:

5. Good Directions 26" Fire Bowl with Orion Dome (#FB-4) 

Good Directions 26" Handcrafted Fire Bowl with Orion FireDome (#FB-4)


6.  Fire Pit Art Crater - 36" Steel Fire Pit (CTR)

Fire Pit Art Crater - 36" Handcrafted Carbon Steel Fire Pit (CTR)

Some fire pits have evolved to use alternative fuel sources like gas, ethanol, or gel alcohol:

7. Fire Sense Propane Fire Pit - Patio Table

 Fire Sense Propane Fire Pit Patio Table - Extruded Aluminum (#61898) 

Take a look at our outdoor collections for more inspiration:

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