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4 Types of Modern Ventless Fireplaces Safe for People and Environment

Aside from ventless gas fireplaces which are not always the safest option, there are several other types of vent-free fireplaces that are completely safe for people's health and the environment. And a lot of them you can even install yourself.

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4 Types of Modern Ventless Fireplaces Safe for People and Environment

Let's take a look at some of the most popular types of fireplaces that don't require any chimney or flue.

The 4 Types of Ventless Fireplaces are:

1. Electric Fireplaces

The most popular type of modern ventless fireplaces is Electric Fireplaces. Electric Fireplaces create an incredibly realistic flame effect and add some heat without producing any real fire. No fire = no emissions, pollution, or burns, or maintenance. They are also very affordable and inexpensive to operate.

Electric Fireplaces are the most popular type of vent-free fireplaces. They come in many different shapes, style, and with several installation options to fit in virtually any space. 

2-sided Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplaces are especially popular for use in commercial installations, such as restaurants, hotels, and offices, due to their impressive effect, ease of maintenance, and the lack of liability.

Electric Fireplace Counter

Most Electric Fireplaces are intended for indoor use only, however, there are a few models that are outdoor rated and can be installed outside or in wet places, like bathrooms.

Outdoor Fireplace and Hot Tub

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2. Water Vapor Fireplaces

Water Vapor Fireplaces are another very popular type of ventless fireplaces. They have been consistently gaining popularity since their introduction to the market in 2017. Water Vapor Fireplaces also run on electricity and use some tap water that can be simply stored in the included tank or supplied via plumbing connection.

Realistic Water Vapor Fireplace by Modern Flames

Water Vapor Fireplaces have all the same benefits as electric fireplaces plus they are even more realistic because they create a 3D flame illusion through the use of stram and light reflection. Water Vapor Fireplaces are arguably the most realistic electric fireplaces available. They also offer more installation and customization options including a 2-sided, 3-sided, and 360-degree fireplace.

360-degree ventelss water vapor fireplace

Water Vapor Fireplaces can only be installed indoors and most models don't provide any heat.

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3. Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol Fireplaces are the type of ventless fireplaces that create a real flame by burning clean bio-ethanol fuel.

With the addition of flame, you lose some of the safety features that electric fireplaces have but you gain more heat and installation options because ethanol fireplaces don't need to be attached to any fuel source (not even an electrical outlet). 

Freestanding Modern Ethanol Fireplace

There are many unique models of ethanol fireplaces, including some very creative freestanding and tabletop models favored by our customers. 

Most ethanol fireplaces can be used indoors and outdoors, just check the product description to make sure they are outdoor rated. Fuel is sold separately.[

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4. Gel Fireplaces

Gel Fireplaces are very similar to ethanol fireplaces because they also produce real flame and heat by burning clean alcohol-based fuel. The difference is that gel fuel is more solid and comes in metal cans while ethanol fuel is liquid and comes in bottles and canisters. However, both types of fuel are produced from the same recycled biomass and burn cleanly without creating any smell, smoke, or making any dangerous emissions into the air.

Gel Fuel Fireplace by Anywhere Fireplace

Most Gel Fireplaces can be used indoors or outdoors.

This is a quick overview of the 4 main types of modern ventless fireplaces currently available on the market. We will keep updating this article as new types become available.

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4 Types of Modern Ventless Fireplaces Safe for People and Environment