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Best Fire Pit for Airbnb: Will it Increase Your Bookings?

Best Fire Pit for Airbnb: Will it Increase Your Bookings?

In the competitive world of Airbnb hosting, distinguishing your listing with standout amenities can significantly impact your success. One such feature that can elevate a guest's experience is a fire pit. It's not just about providing a place to stay; it's about creating unforgettable experiences.

In this article we will discuss pros and cons of adding a fire pit to your Airbnb listing as well as point out the best fire pit for Airbnb that has all the pros and none of the cons. But first, let's talk about bookings. Can a fire pit actually boost your Airbnb bookings?

Can a Fire Pit Increase Your Airbnb Bookings?

The short answer is yes, but it depends. Integrating a fire pit into your Airbnb can significantly enhance its appeal and potentially increase bookings. It all comes down to understanding guest preferences. Here are some examples where a fire pit has proven beneficial in boosting Airbnb reservations:

- Themed Retreats: An Airbnb property themed around relaxation and nature can greatly benefit from a fire pit. For instance, a mountain cabin or a lakeside cottage with a fire pit can attract guests looking for a serene getaway where they can unwind by the fire, enhancing the property's thematic appeal and increasing bookings.

- Family-Friendly Properties: Families often look for safe and engaging outdoor activities. A fire pit can be a selling point for families wanting to spend quality time together, making s'mores, telling stories, or enjoying the outdoors. Properties that market this feature effectively in their listings often see an uptick in family bookings.

- Romantic Getaways: Couples seeking a romantic retreat may be drawn to properties with fire pits. The promise of cozy evenings by the fire can be a significant draw, making such properties preferred choices for anniversaries, honeymoons, or romantic weekends away.

- Winter Bookings: Properties in colder climates can benefit from fire pits by extending their appeal into the cooler months. Guests are more likely to book a stay where they can enjoy the beauty of a snowy landscape while staying warm around a fire, thus increasing winter season bookings.

- Social Gatherings: Airbnb properties that cater to group bookings or social gatherings can see increased interest with the addition of a fire pit. It becomes a focal point for socializing, enhancing the property's appeal for reunions, small weddings, or friend getaways.

- Unique Experiences: Airbnbs that offer unique experiences stand out. For example, a desert property featuring a fire pit for starry night viewings can attract guests looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, boosting its bookings compared to standard listings.

- Photogenic Spaces: In the age of social media, visually appealing amenities like fire pits can make a property more photogenic, leading to increased interest and bookings. Guests are often drawn to Instagram-worthy spots where they can create and share their memories.

- Enhanced Reviews: Properties with fire pits often receive more positive reviews, particularly when guests mention enjoying the ambiance and experience provided by the fire pit. These glowing reviews can lead to increased interest and bookings from future guests seeking a similar experience.

As we see, by strategically utilizing a fire pit as a key feature of an Airbnb property, hosts can enhance their property's appeal and potentially increase their booking rates across different guest segments. But are there any downsides of having a fire pit at your Airbnb property? 

Case Study: Fire Pit in a Family Friendly Desert Retreat

Here is a great example of a family friendly property in southern Utah that benefits from the addition of fire pit. Dino Ranch is a guest favorite as you can see from this Airnbn screenshot of their listing:

Dino Ranch Airbnb listing - guest favorite

 As you can see, fire pit is featured in their first photo because they know that it helps grab attention of their target customers. 

When we take a look at Dino Ranch reviews on Airbnb we see that the guests appreciate having the fire pit there and really enjoy this amenity:

Dino Ranch airbnb customer reviews


Dino Ranch is using a propane fire pit on their patio. We'll discuss later why a propane fire pit might be the best fire pit type for Airbnbs.

Dino Ranch Patio with Gas Fire Pit

Pros and Cons of Adding a Fire Pit to Your Airbnb Listing


- Unique Experience: A fire pit offers a unique, memorable experience for guests, setting your listing apart. It's not just an amenity; it's a draw for those seeking a special touch in their accommodations, potentially leading to increased bookings.

- Enhanced Reviews: Positive experiences around a cozy fire can translate into glowing reviews. Guests are likely to highlight this feature, enhancing your listing's attractiveness to future visitors.

- Market Appeal: In a competitive market, a fire pit can be a distinguishing feature that sways potential guests to choose your property over others, potentially allowing for a higher nightly rate.

- Photo Appeal: In a sea of listings, those with unique beautiful photos stand out. A fire pit can be that one unique attention grabbing element in your photos making your listing stand out and leading to more bookings.


- Maintenance Challenges: The charm of a wood-burning fire pit comes with its set of challenges, including the need for regular cleaning, ash disposal, and firewood restocking. These tasks can become cumbersome, particularly for hosts who manage properties remotely.

- Safety Concerns: Ensuring guest safety around the fire pit, particularly in remote or unsupervised settings, adds a layer of responsibility for hosts.

Solution: Best Fire Pit for Airbnb

It all comes down to the right type of fire pit. The best fire pit for Airbnb is the one that has all the pros and none of the cons. Does it even exist? The answer is yes!

Best fire pit for Airbnb is a gas fire pit. Here is why. Gas fire pits whether natural gas or propane, offer the ambiance and appeal of a traditional fire pit without the maintenance and management headaches.

Here is why gas fire pit is the best fire pit for Airbnb:

- Ease of Use: Gas fire pits are incredibly user-friendly. With a simple turn of a knob, guests can ignite a flame without the need for kindling or fire-building skills. This convenience enhances the guest experience, as they can easily enjoy the warmth and ambiance without the hassle associated with traditional wood fire pits.

- Low Maintenance: Unlike wood-burning fire pits, gas fire pits don't produce ash or require frequent cleaning. There's no need to stockpile wood or clean up after each use, making it easier for hosts to maintain their property between guest stays.

- Safety: Gas fire pits offer a safer alternative to wood-burning options. They eliminate the risk of flying sparks or embers that could potentially cause accidents or fires. With built-in control features, guests can easily manage the flame's intensity, ensuring a safe environment.

- Consistent Aesthetic Appeal: Gas fire pits provide a consistent and controlled flame, contributing to a more polished and appealing outdoor space. They can be a focal point in garden designs, patios, or other outdoor areas, enhancing the overall aesthetic and appeal of the property.

- No Smoke: One of the significant benefits of gas fire pits is the absence of smoke, which can be a nuisance and a health hazard for some guests. This feature ensures that everyone can enjoy the fire pit, including guests who may be sensitive to smoke.

- Versatility in Design: Gas fire pits come in various designs, sizes, and styles, allowing hosts to choose one that best fits their property's theme and ambiance. From sleek, modern designs to rustic, natural stone looks, there's a gas fire pit to suit any outdoor space.

- Attracts a Broader Audience: Having a gas fire pit can attract guests looking for a bit of luxury and convenience in their accommodations. It's an amenity that appeals to a wide range of travelers, including couples seeking a romantic environment, families wanting a comfortable gathering space, or solo travelers looking for a cozy spot to relax.

- Environmental Consideration: Gas fire pits are cleaner for the environment compared to wood-burning options. They emit fewer pollutants, aligning with the preferences of eco-conscious travelers and contributing to a greener hosting practice.

- Regulatory Compliance: In some areas, wood-burning fire pits may be restricted due to fire hazards or air quality concerns. Gas fire pits are often a more acceptable alternative, helping hosts comply with local regulations while still offering the cozy appeal of a fire pit.

- Increased Property Value: Adding a high-quality gas fire pit can enhance the perceived value of the property, potentially allowing hosts to charge higher rental rates. It's an investment that can improve guest satisfaction and increase booking appeal, contributing to the property's overall profitability.

By opting for a gas fire pit, Airbnb hosts can provide an attractive, convenient, and safe feature that enhances guests' experiences, potentially leading to higher occupancy rates, better reviews, and increased revenue.

Case Study: Gas Fire Pit in Fire-Restrictive Colorado

Colorado is known for it's strict fire regulations and frequent red flag warnings when no open fires are allowed at all. However, these Airbnb owners figured out how to add an inviting fire pit to their Colorado mountain cabin and they are showcasing it in their first photo making their listing stand out from the competition.

Colorado Airbnb with Fire Pit

This fireplace photo draws you in, doesn't it? 

Colorado Airbnb with Fire Pit

In this photo: Rustic Luxury-Cozy Cabin-Amazing Views!! with Gas Fire Pit Bowl


Natural Gas vs Propane Fire Pit for Airbnb

Natural Gas Fire Pits

- Features and Benefits: Natural gas fire pits are connected to your property's gas line, offering a convenient and constant flame without the need for refueling. They provide a seamless experience for guests, with the fire ready at the turn of a knob. However, this permanence requires professional installation, a consideration for hosts in terms of upfront investment and planning.

- Considerations: While natural gas fire pits offer ease and convenience, they lack portability. Placement is permanent, so thoughtful planning is essential to maximize guest enjoyment and ensure safety.

Propane Fire Pits

- Features and Benefits: Propane fire pits offer a balance between convenience and flexibility. They don't require professional installation, and their portability allows hosts to adjust the outdoor layout as needed. The use of propane tanks ensures that guests have a reliable fire source, albeit with the responsibility of monitoring fuel levels.

- Considerations: Hosts need to provide clear instructions on operating the fire pit and maintaining a spare propane tank to avoid any disruption in the guest experience.

Case Study: Gas Fire Pit Table in a Luxury Beach House

Let's take a look at another guest favorite Airbnb listing with a fire pit. This time it is a luxury beach house and they use a gas fire pit table to enhance their guest experience. Beachside in California can get chilly at times. Adding a fire pit to the main feature of the house - beach front deck - make this space more usable and enjoyable for guests. 

Gas Fire Pit Table at a Luxury Beach House

Here is another photo of this beautiful view with the fire pit table:

Luxury beach front Airbnb with fire pit

In this photo: Vue de Reves | Sight of Dreams |Sandy Malibu Beach with Gas Fire Pit Table

How to Choose the Best Fire Pit for Your Airbnb

We have already determined that a gas fire pit is your best choice for your Airbnb property. Now, let's decide what's best for you, a natural gas fire pit or a propane fire pit and what fire pit style is best for your Airbnb property.

To choose the best fire pit for your Airbnb property, you need to consider the following questions:

1. Do you have access to natural gas or a large propane tank on your property?

    If the answer is yes, you can consider permanent fire pit options with consistent fuel supply without any refueling required.

    2. What is more important to you: consistent fuel source (set it and forget it) or portability?

      If portability is more important, you a gas fire pit that operates on a small propane tank would be your best choice. 

      3. What is your budget?

      If you are willing to pay more for convenience and safety: choose a permanent natural gas or propane fire pit and pick an electronic ignition. 

      To save some cash, but still have a consistent gas supply go for a permanent natural gas or propane fire pit with push button or match lit ignition.

      If you are on a tight budget, pick a propane fire pit that operates on a small propane tank, doesn't require installation, and has a push button or match lit ignition. 

      Bonus Case Study: Propane Fire Pit Table in Mountain Cabin

      As a bonus, sharing some pictures from this Airbnb in the mountains of West Virginia featuring our Tree Stump LP Fire Pit Table. This fire pit look like a real tree stump and fits the rustic feel of the cabin so well. It is a propane fire pit so it didn't require any installation, the owners were able to simply set it on the deck, connect to a 20lb propane tank sold at their local gas station and voila. No mess, no cleanup and lots of happy guests. 

      Unique gas fire pit in airbnb mountain cabin

      In this photo: Vista Cabin on 10 Acres with VIEWS, Hot Tub, Sauna with Direct Wicker 44-Inch Rectangular Tree Stump LP Fire Pit Table (PAG-2170)

      Making s'mores over gas fire pit in Airnbn


      Best Fire Pit for Airbnb

      Even the low budget gas fire pit is better for Airbnb than a wood burning option when it comes to safety, convenience, ease of management and better guest experience. However, never sacrifice on quality. You can save money by choosing to not have a permanent installation or less expensive ignition system. Never save money by buying a non reputable brand. Make sure to check for safety certifications. The most popular is SA certification as we as UL listing. 

      Impact on Bookings

      While a fire pit alone may not transform your booking rates, it can be a significant factor in a guest's decision-making process. It enhances the perceived value of your listing and can tip the scales in your favor in a competitive market.

      Investment Consideration

      Adding a fire pit should be considered an investment in your property's appeal and potential to generate income. When chosen and marketed correctly, it can be a compelling feature that differentiates your Airbnb, possibly leading to increased bookings and higher revenue.


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