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Touchstone Electric Fireplaces

Touchstone Electric Fireplaces

Touchstone Electric Fireplaces

High-quality, affordable, and easy-to-install electric fireplaces

Types of Touchstone Fireplaces:

  1. Wall-mounted models that can be hung on a wall
  2. Bu. . .
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Touchstone Electric Fireplaces

Touchstone Electric Fireplaces

High-quality, affordable, and easy-to-install electric fireplaces

Types of Touchstone Fireplaces:

  1. Wall-mounted models that can be hung on a wall
  2. Built-in models that can be recessed into a wall or a cabinet
  3. 3-sided models

Key features of Touchstone Fireplaces:

  • Stay cool to the touch
  • Don't need any venting
  • Realistic looking flames
  • Great for supplemental heat
  • Flames can be used without heat
  • Temperature control
  • Sleep timer
  • Remote control

New features (Chesmont, Infinity & Elite Models Only): 

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Smart home connect
  • Voice control via Alexa and Google Home

Touchstone Electric Fireplaces Comparison Video:

Touchstone Built-in or Recessed Electric Fireplaces

Built-in (or Recessed) Electric Fireplaces by Touchstone are designed to be inserted inside a cut-out area of a wall or a cabinet. The back side of the fireplace gets inserted into a wall or cabinet and is completely hidden.

The outer frame and front glass stay visible on top of the wall without any gaps. These built-in models can also be wall mounted - all brackets and hardware are included.

Touchstone Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces by Touchstone come with mounting brackets. Just hang them on a wall and plug them in. These fireplaces are the easiest from the installation standpoint and can be an easy DIY project that only takes a few minutes.

Smart Electric Fireplaces

You can connect these smart fireplaces to your smart home and turn them ON and OFF using Alexa or Google Home. The smart fireplace will remember your last flame and heat setting, and bring it up when you ask your voice assistant to turn it on.

Easy to set up and use. This feature takes your fireplace experience to the next level!

Touchstone has a good selection of smart electric fireplaces to choose from.

Are you shopping for a smart electric fireplace with a more traditional look? Touchstone Forte Elite is the perfect fireplace for you. This 40" wide built-in electric fireplace will look great in any transitional or modern room.

For those looking for a contemporary smart linear electric fireplace, Touchstone Sideline Elite is the best option. It can also be hung on a wall or built into any 2" x 6" wall for a clean look.

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace Videos:

Smart Electric Fireplaces with Mantel

Touchstone has combined two of its bestselling smart electric fireplace models with a gorgeous white mantel surround. These freestanding models require no installation. Just put them against the wall, plug them in, and enjoy!

Take a look at the Touchstone Forte Elite 40" with White Mantel and the Touchstone Sideline Elite 50" with White Mantel. Just choose the style you prefer!

3-Sided Electric Fireplaces

Three-sided fireplaces are great because you can get a great view of the flame from almost any angle. Touchstone offers affordable options for you to choose from.

If you're looking for a smart and affordable electric fireplace with a modern mantel that you can just hang on the wall, check out Touchstone Chesmont. Available in Black or White, this 3-sided fireplace will look good anywhere!

Touchstone Chesmont Electric Fireplace Videos:

For those that would rather have a built-in 3-sided smart electric fireplace that can be installed as a single, two, or three-sided electric fireplace, check out Touchstone Infinity. Available in 3 sizes: 50", 60", and 72" wide, it is a great choice for any room in your home.

Do you want a simpler and more affordable 3-sided electric fireplace? Touchstone Fury is a great choice. This 50" wide linear electric fireplace won't break the bank.

Touchstone Fury Recessed Electric Fireplace Video:

Outdoor Electric Fireplaces

Touchstone also manufactures two outdoor electric fireplaces. These are designed for use outdoors on a porch or patio. The quality of the frame and flame make this fireplace great for indoor settings as well, especially for bathroom installations.

Note: These fireplaces are designed for reliable outdoor use and have no heat.

Touchstone Sideline Outdoor is a 50" wide wall or recessed electric fireplace that's made for outdoor use. This is our most affordable outdoor fireplace. If you just want to add ambiance to your outdoor patio, deck, or porch, this is the best option.

Touchstone Sideline Outdoor 50" Electric Fireplace Videos:

A bigger and smart model is also available. Touchstone Sideline Elite Outdoor is a 60" wide linear fireplace that works with voice command. Similar to other Sideline Elite models, this electric fireplace has more flame color options, a multi-color embed bed, and comes with a remote. As a smart fireplace, you can get full control of all settings using a smartphone.

Touchstone Sideline Elite Outdoor 60" Smart Electric Fireplace Videos:

Did you find what you seek? If not, check out our collection of electric fireplaces with the latest flame technology!

Do you need help installing a wall mounted electric fireplace? See our step-by-step guide.

Are electric fireplaces not for you? See other fireplaces for homes without chimneys.

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