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How to Install a Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace

How to Install a Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace




Wall mounted ethanol fireplaces present a great ventless fireplace solution without the need of any structural modification. These fireplaces don't need a chimney or a flue and can be simply hung on almost any wall, just like a picture. Ethanol fuel and a lighter is all you need in order to start using your wall mounted ethanol fireplace. 

Can You Install a Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace Yourself?

Wall mounted ethanol fireplaces can be a DIY installation because they don't require any structural modifications. You might need some help if you are installing a larger unit because they can be pretty heavy. 

What You Need to Install a Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace

All the brackets and most of the hardware are included with the fireplace. All you need is:

  1. Stud Finder
  2. Level
  3. Screws Appropriate for Your Wall
  4. Hammer

Important Note: most wall mounted ethanol fireplaces have insulated back panel and can be installed on any wall. However, some brands, like Ingis, don't insulate their wall mounted ethanol fireplaces. Those fireplaces have to be mounted on a solid fireproof wall. Always refer to the product manual and follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Installation Steps:

1. Locate studs.

Locate studs using a stud finder. 

2. Align The Mounting Bracket(s).

Some models have only one or two horizontal brackets, others have additional vertical brackets that attach to the horizontal bracket(s).

Align the horizontal mounting bracket(s) on the wall where you are planning to install the fireplace. Make sure that the bracket(s) is leveled with the ground using a level. Place the marks for drilling. Remove the mounting bracket(s) from the wall.

3. Drill The Holes.

Drill the holes in the marked spots. Insert plastic anchors into the holes (if not using studs).

4. Attach The Bracket(s) to the Wall

Align mounting brackets with holes and screw into place.

For models with vertical brackets: Hook vertical brackets to the main horizontal bracket.

5. Slide in The Fireplace

Align fireplace on top of the bracket slightly to the left and slide it to the right. The fireplace should lock on the bracket.

For models with vertical brackets: Slide the hooks on the horizontal bracket into the slots on the back of the fireplace. Secure the unit to the vertical brackets by screwing lock screws (included) through the brackets into the bottom of the fireplace.

6. Secure The Brackets for The Front Glass (Optional)

If your wall mounted ethanol fireplace comes with front safety glass, you will need to secure the brackets for the glass with Allen Key and bolts (included).

7. Place The Burner(s) into The Frame.

Most wall mounted ethanol fireplaces will have the frame of the fireplace separate from the burners. Place the burner(s) into the burner rack slot. 

    Example: Eco-Feu Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace Installation Video:

    This video shows how to install Eco-Feu brand ethanol fireplace. The process might be slightly different for other brands because some of them require the wall to be fireproof or have different brackets.

    Please refer to the product manual included with your fireplace. 

      We have covered the general 7-step process of hanging a wall mounted ethanol fireplace on a wall. It might be slightly different depending on the fireplace brand and your particular project.

      Please note that all ethanol fireplaces sold on our website come with installation manuals that provide detailed instructions on how to install each particular unit. Most of the product manuals are published on our website in downloadable PDF format on each product page.

      Here are some examples of product manuals from different brands of wall mounted ethanol fireplaces that we carry:

      And remember, if you get confused at any point, you can always leave a comment below or contact us with any questions.

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