Smart Remote Controlled Electronic Ethanol Burners

Smart Remote Controlled Ethanol Burners

Smart Electronic Ethanol Burners are great if you want to build a custom vent-free fireplace or renovate an old traditional fireplace. With the addition of electricity and built-in technology, these new burners are even more convenient and safe for your home or business than regular ethanol burners.

These electronic ethanol burners are powered by a standard 12-volt electricity source and run on clean-burning eco-friendly ethanol fuel. Electricity allows you to ignite and extinguish the flame with the click of a button. Additionally, these self-monitoring, intelligent burners are equipped to auto-extinguish in a case of emergency. 

Smart Electronic Ethanol burners can be controlled with a push button on/off switch on the burner, a short-range remote control, a Smartphone App or integrated into your Smart Home. 

Whether you're reinventing your traditional fireplace or installing a new ethanol fireplace, these smart bio-ethanol burners will provide you with a consistent heat, adjustable flame, clean burning vent-free design, and trustworthy safety.