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Grand Canyon Outdoor Tee-Pee Stack Gas Log Burner

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Grand Canyon Outdoor Tee-Pee Stack Gas Log Set for Round Fire Pits, Liquid Propane or Natural Gas

Grand Canyon Authorized Dealer

Grand Canyon Outdoor Tee-Pee Gas Log Set is a modern version of a campfire. Designed to be used with round fire pits, the pyramid shape of the burner provides even flame distribution and is built to support vertically stacked logs like a campfire. Available in LP or NG, match lit and electronic ignition systems, and different sizes. 

The fire pit burner that comes with the set is made of stainless steel to ensure many years of outdoor use, backed by a lifetime warranty. It is available in Liquid Propane and Natural gas. Just choose a convenient fuel source.

Logs are required and sold separately. Once the burner is installed in the fire pit, just add the logs to complete the setup. Arizona Weathered Oak, Aspen, or Western Driftwood style logs are available.

Grand Canyon Outdoor Tee-Pee Stack gas log set is available in four sizes, 24", 30", 36", or 48" Diameter. These sizes are the minimum fire pit opening sizes required to install the burner and logs.

Tee-Pee Stack is perfect for replacing the burner and media of existing fire pits or for those planning to build a new gas fire pit. Enjoy premium fire pit media experience and year-round backyard entertainment by equipping your fire pit with a Tee-Pee Stack gas log set!

What's Included: Tee-Pee Stack Burner, Lava Rocks, Key Valve, Connection Fittings, Flat Pan (Optional), Weather Beater Electronic Control System (Optional), and User's Manual

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks. To inquire about current lead time, email


  • Tee-Pee Stack Gas Log Set for Outdoor Use
  • Propriety Pyramid Design for Round Fire Pits
  • Available in Liquid Propane or Natural Gas
  • Available in Sizes: 24", 30", 36", or 48" Diameter
  • Ignition Options: Match Lit or Electronic Ignition
  • Log Set with Ceramic Refractory and Stainless Steel Fiber Mesh is Required
  • Choose one log set: Arizona Weathered Oak, Aspen, or Western Driftwood style
  • Vertical Log Stack with even flame distribution
  • Lava Rock, Valve, and Connection Fittings Included
  • Stainless Steel Flat Disc included with LP and Electronic Ignition models
  • Fully Welded System w/Sandless Design
  • Stainless Steel Chassis
  • Gas Inlet Left or Right
  • ½” Piping & ½” Bar Stock
  • Concealed Pilot Mounting Brackets
  • ANSI Certified
  • ALL ELECTRONIC IGNITION SYSTEMS REQUIRE 120 volts of power ran to the fire pit for valve to operate
  • Max Heat Output: 
    • 24" Model: 105,000 BTUs
    • 30" Model: 120,000 BTUs
    • 36" Model: 140,000 BTUs
    • 48" Model: 180,000 BTUs
  • Number of Logs Included: 
    • 24" Model: 9
    • 30" Model: 16
    • 36" Model: 16
    • 48" Model: 31
  • Burner Dimensions:
    • 24" Model: 10" H x 12" W x 17" D
    • 30" Model: 10" H x 16" W x 21" D
    • 36" Model: 10" H x 22" W x 27" D
    • 48" Model: 10" H x 34" W x 39" D
  • Weight: 
    • 24" Model: 71 lbs
    • 30" Model: 114 lbs
    • 36" Model: 119 lbs
    • 48" Model: 261 lbs
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty - Gas Log Set
  • 2-Year Warranty - Valves, Remotes, and Receivers

What's in the Box:

  • Tee-Pee Stack Burner - 1 pc.
  • Lava Rocks - 1 bag
  • Key Valve - 1 pc.
  • Connection Fittings - 1 set
  • Flat Pan (Optional) - 1 pc.
  • Weather Beater Electronic Control System (Optional) - 1 set
  • User's Manual



      WARNING: For safe operation and proper performance of this product and to comply with certification, listings, and building code acceptances, use ONLY Grand Canyon Gas Logs controls, parts & accessories that have been specifically listed or certified for use with this burner system. Use of other controls, parts, or accessories is prohibited and will void all warranties, certifications, listings and building code approvals, and may cause property damage, personal injury, and loss of life.

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      Refractory Logs: Grand Canyon Gas Logs, logs carry a lifetime warranty against any manufacture defects or breakage as long as the products are installed inside. Logs installed outdoors carry a (5) year warranty.

      Burner: Grand Canyon Gas Logs burners carry a life time warranty against manufacture defects or breakage as long as the appliance is installed inside and by a professional installer.

      Indoor burners installed outside carry a (1) year warranty

      Electrical and Valves: Grand Canyon Gas Logs valves, remotes & receivers carry a (2) year warranty against breakage or defects from date of purchase, by original purchaser, and must be installed be a licensed professional installer.

      Gas Logs burners and logs. In the event a defect or breakage occurs a replacement will be available for pick-up from the dealer at which the burner was originally purchased.

      Batteries are not covered under this warranty. ODS pilot assemblies carry a (1) year warranty.

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