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Simplifire Allusion Electric Fireplaces

Simplifire Allusion Electric Fireplace

Introducing the Simplifire Allusion Series, a stunning collection that blends unparalleled style with functionality. These electric fireplaces offer a modern and effic. . .
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Simplifire Allusion Electric Fireplace

Introducing the Simplifire Allusion Series, a stunning collection that blends unparalleled style with functionality. These electric fireplaces offer a modern and efficient way to add both warmth and ambiance, without the need for traditional vents or chimneys.

Versatile Installation Options
The Allusion model offers flexibility with its wall-mount design, allowing you to elevate your room's ambiance without committing to a built-in fixture. For those seeking a more integrated look, the Allusion Platinum model can be seamlessly recessed into the wall, providing a sleek and modern finish that effortlessly complements your room's decor.

Customizable Aesthetic Appeal
One of the standout features of the Simplifire Allusion Electric Fireplaces is the ability to customize their appearance to match your decor. They come with an array of decorative media options, depending on what model you have, such as sparkling crystal media, elegant ceramic stones, and rustic driftwood logs.

DIY Friendly
For the DIY enthusiast, the Simplifire Allusion Electric Fireplaces are a dream come true. Their installation flexibility caters to the do-it-yourself trend, enabling homeowners to undertake a simple yet impactful project.

Innovative Features
Beyond aesthetics, the Simplifire Allusion Electric Fireplaces are packed with innovative features designed to enhance your experience. With adjustable heat settings, you can enjoy the cozy ambiance of a fire even on warmer days, or turn up the heat during colder months. The intuitive controls make it easy to adjust settings to your preference, ensuring your electric fireplace is as functional as it is beautiful.

The Simplifire Allusion Electric Fireplace Series is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their space with the warm glow of a fireplace, minus the traditional complexities. Discover more effortless solutions to enhancing ambiance with our Simplifire collection.

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Electric Fireplaces FAQ's

How do electric fireplaces work?

Electric fireplaces work by drawing in cool air from the room, heating it internally using a heating coil, and then pushing the warm air back out into the room by a fan. They also use LED lights and a mirror element to create a realistic flame effect. New LCD electric fireplaces use an LCD screen to display the flames. In both cases, flames and heat operate independently allowing you to enjoy flames in the summer without the heat. To operate an electric fireplace, all you need is access to electricity or a power outlet to plug them in, and they can be operated with a remote control. Smart electric fireplaces can even be controlled via mobile app and voice control for convenience.

How efficient are electric fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces are very efficient at converting energy into heat, with nearly 100% of the electricity used converted directly into heat output. They don't require a chimney or vent, so no heat is lost through ventilation, making them more efficient for heating a room compared to traditional wood or gas fireplaces. Additionally, they allow for zone heating, which means you can heat only the rooms you're using, further reducing energy costs.

Who installs electric fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces can often be installed by the homeowner themselves, especially if they are freestanding or plug-in models, as these require minimal setup—usually just unboxing and plugging into a standard electrical outlet. For more complex installations, such as wall-mounted or built-in units, it's advisable to hire a qualified electrician or a professional installer to ensure that the unit is installed safely and according to local building codes. This is particularly important for direct-wire models that need to be connected to your home's electrical system.

How long do electric fireplaces last?

Electric fireplaces generally last between 10 to 20 years. To maximize longevity, purchasing from a reputable brand is crucial, as quality can vary significantly between manufacturers. At Modern Blaze, we ensure that every brand we offer meets our high standards for quality.

How much are electric fireplaces?

The cost of electric fireplaces can vary widely based on size, features, and design. Generally, prices range from as low as $300 for basic, compact models to over $5,000 for high-end, built-in units that feature advanced technology like realistic flame effects, smart home integration and more powerful heating systems. Mid-range models typically cost between $700 and $2,500, offering a balance of quality, features, and aesthetics.

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