Modern See-Through Ethanol Fireplaces

These unique modern ethanol fireplaces are designed to be installed into a dividing wall. Install them between your kitchen and living room or bathroom and bedroom and enjoy the beautiful real flames from either side. No chimney, vent, gas or electric lines required. These fireplaces are fueled by bio-ethanol - a clean burning, eco-friendly fuel, that doesn't emit any smoke, smell or dangerous chemicals.

Ethanol Fireplace - Eco-Feu Santa Cruz 2-Sided - See-thru Ethanol Fireplace - (WS-00079-BS, WS-00080-SW, WS-00081-SS)
Eco-Feu Santa Cruz 63" Built-in/Free Standing See-Through Ethanol Fireplace (WS-00079-BS, WS-00080-SW, WS-00081-SS) from $ 4,499.90 $ 5,199.00
Ethanol Fireplace - Eco-Feu Wellington - See-thru Ethanol Fireplace - (WS-00073-BS, WS-00074-SW, WS-00075-SS)
Eco-Feu Wellington - 33.5" UL Listed Built-in/Free Standing See-Through Ethanol Fireplace (WS-00073-BS, WS-00074-SW, WS-00075-SS) from $ 1,699.90 $ 2,199.00