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Montigo Mahana Linear Outdoor Fireplace in an outdoor kitchen

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Montigo Mahana Linear Outdoor Fireplace in an outdoor kitchen

Montigo Gas Fireplaces redefine elegance and performance, combining traditional charm and contemporary styles tailored for a variety of outdoor settings. Crafted with precision in Canada and the USA, these luxury gas fireplaces are the preferred choice among many contractors and designers due to their superior quality and elegant flames. These fireplaces have not only won the trust of professionals but were also featured on popular TV shows like Property Brothers and Canadian House & Home.

Montigo offers three ventless fireplaces, the Divine Series and Mahana Outdoor Fireplaces. The Divine Single-Sided and See-Through Outdoor Fireplaces boast a traditional look with brick liners, an iron grate, and realistic driftwood logs. On the other hand, the Mahana Linear Gas Fireplace is designed for modern minimalism. This model can be customized with a variety of media including fire glass, driftwood logs, and fire embers, allowing a personalized touch that complements contemporary designs.

Can you put an outdoor fireplace on a deck? Yes, for some models like Montigo Outdoor Gas Fireplaces, it can be installed on a wood or composite deck. However, it is crucial to watch out for clearances and ensure that the deck structure can safely support the fireplace’s weight.

If you're wondering where to build an outdoor fireplace, Montigo outdoor fireplaces can be installed in almost any residential outdoor space. With the stainless steel enclosure, you can locate it in the center of an outdoor area. Ventless, it's also easier to install by framing it into an outdoor wall.

Montigo Gas Fireplaces offer a blend of luxury, performance, and design flexibility, making them a superb choice for anyone looking to create a memorable and cozy outdoor environment.

Explore more ways to bring warmth to your patio with our collection of ventless gas fireplaces and outdoor fireplaces.

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