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Fireplaces To Install Under TV

Fireplaces to Install Under TV

Looking for a fireplace that you can install under TV? - we have a collection of them for you! Electric fireplaces with the bottom and front heat vents can be safely installed underneath flat screen TVs and electronics. There is a minimal distance between the fireplace and the TV that is recommended for each model, so make sure to read and follow the installation instructions.

There are multiple installation options available: Wall Mounted, Built-in, InsertsWith Mantels, Media Cabinets.

Available sizes: 29" and Less, 30"-49", 50"-69", 70" and More

Safety Certifications: CSA Certified, UL Listed

Most popular brands: Amantii, Dimplex, Modern Flames, Napoleon, Touchstone

Frame options: Black, Brown, White, Frameless