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Electric Patio Heaters for Commercial Spaces

Year-Round Profits: Commercial Electric Patio Heaters Case Studies

plIn today's rapidly evolving commercial landscape, creating comfortable, inviting, and versatile outdoor spaces is more important than ever. An electric patio heater offers a multitude of benefits, making it an ideal amenity for any commercial property.

Here's why an electric patio heater is an essential investment for enhancing outdoor commercial spaces:

Year-Round Comfort

Electric patio heaters allow commercial spaces to extend the usability of outdoor areas. They provide the flexibility to host guests, regardless of the season, transforming outdoor settings into warm and welcoming spaces even during cooler months. This adaptability ensures that businesses can maximize their square footage, catering to patrons who prefer the ambiance of an outdoor setting.

Here is a wonderful story how how Bromic Tungsten Electric Patio Heaters helped Talon Bar in Brooklyn to survive the pandemic by keeping their garden patio open throughout the winter. 

Talon Bar managed to be the only bar that stayed open in the entire neighborhood. The idea of allowing their guest to be outside and warm even in the winter has been the life saver for them.

Watch this short video to hear the full story:

Looking for the same patio heaters?

Here is what Talon Bar used in their patio garden:

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Energy Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Electric patio heaters stand out for their energy efficiency. They convert over 90% of the energy they consume into radiant heat, ensuring that the warmth is directed precisely where it's needed. This efficiency translates into lower operating costs compared to traditional heating methods, making electric patio heaters a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to optimize their energy expenditure.

Electric patio heaters are more practical and efficient than propane for heating up their outdoor patio, according to Bruce Dimpflmaier, Director of Operations at Tony's Di Napoli.

Watch this short video for the full story:

Looking for the same patio heaters?

Here is what Tony's Di Napli used in their outdoor patio:

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Eco-Friendly and Safe

With an increasing emphasis on environmental responsibility, electric patio heaters offer a green solution. They operate without emitting greenhouse gases or unpleasant odors, making them a clean option that aligns with eco-friendly business practices. Additionally, their safety features, such as not requiring refillable tanks and minimal maintenance, ensure a safe environment for guests and staff alike.

Our next example proves these two points about energy efficiency and friendliness.

Electric patio heaters by Bromic were chosen to be installed aboard of one of the most environmentally conscious cruise ships, Silver Nova.

Silver Nova has claimed the title of the most environmentally conscious ship with an Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) rating that is approximately 30-35% better than applicable International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements! 

Bromic electric patio heaters were not only meet the strict energy efficiency requirements but also blended seamlessly with the luxurious decor of this cutting-edge cruise ship. 

Watch this short video clip to see som of the installations:

Looking for the same patio heaters?

Here is what was used aboard of Silver Nova:

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Versatility and Design Integration

As we showcased in the previous example of Silver Nova ship, electric patio heaters offer a range of designs and mounting options, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into various architectural styles. Whether the space calls for ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or freestanding heaters, there's a design that fits every aesthetic, enhancing the overall look of the outdoor space while providing essential warmth.

Here are a couple more examples of seamless design integration of electric patio heaters into residential and commercial settings. This next video is produced by Infratech, a California-based manufacturer of electric patio heaters and industry leader.

Watch this quick video for examples of seamless heater integration and ideas that inspire it:

Looking for the same patio heaters?

Here are the heaters featured in the video:

For more great options: browse the collection of Bromic Patio Heaters

Enhanced Guest Experience

By maintaining a comfortable temperature, electric patio heaters encourage guests to stay longer, potentially increasing the average spend per visit. They can transform a chilly evening into a cozy experience, whether guests are dining, socializing, or attending an outdoor event. This enhanced comfort can lead to increased patronage and loyalty, as guests know they can count on a pleasant experience regardless of the weather.

Learn how La Pecora Bianca a Manhattan based Italian restaurant discovered electric patio heaters and was able to keep their guest comfortable outside even during the cold winter in New York and not only survive but thrive and expand during the pandemic. 

Watch this short video for the full story:

Looking for the same patio heaters?

Here is what they use at La Pecora Bianca:

For more great options: browse the collection of Bromic Patio Heaters

Financial Incentives

For commercial properties, the extension of outdoor service can significantly impact the bottom line. By enabling businesses to utilize their outdoor spaces throughout the year, electric patio heaters can contribute to increased revenue. More operational days and extended evening hours mean more opportunities for sales, making the heaters a wise investment with a tangible return.

Here is an wonderful success story of Summit House restaurant that saw a 12% increase in food and beverage sales the month after installing Infratech Patio Heaters and the number kept going up to 18% increase the following month and 28.8% increase six month after installation!

Summit House philosophy is "the guest come first" so they made sure to make their newly added patio seating is as comfortable as possible. Adding 20 tables to the outdoor patio allowed the Summit House not only increase their revenue but also create a new special experience for their guests. Electric patio heaters allow Summit House to make sure those 85 new seats are comfortable ever day of the year.

Watch the video below to hear the full story: 

Looking for the same patio heaters?

Here is what Summit House use on their patio:

For more great options: browse the collection of Infratech Patio Heaters 


Electric patio heaters are more than just a source of warmth; they are a strategic investment in creating versatile, comfortable, and eco-friendly outdoor spaces. Their benefits extend beyond the immediate comfort they provide, offering energy efficiency, safety, design flexibility, and financial advantages. For any commercial space looking to enhance its outdoor offering, electric patio heaters present a compelling solution that pays dividends in guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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