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Fire Pit Art Care & Installation

Fire Pit Art Care & Installation

Fire Pit Art Care Instructions:

We recommend that all customers fire the fire pit up as soon as they receive it. This begins the curing process. Until the steel gets heated up and cured there will be some runoff. Each time the fire pit is used the patina bakes into the steel and less runoff occurs.

Fire Pit Art fire pits are created using 1/4" mild carbon steel.  The steel is sandblasted and taken down to bare. Then they apply their "secret sauce" to help the fire pit mature and oxidize in a controlled fashion.  

When your fire pit arrives, you will notice a dusty, powdery iron oxide patina or, rust. Upon the first fire, the fire pit will start to mature and darken.  

Wood burning fire pits mature faster with gas burning being rated at 900 degrees. Gas-fueled fire pits don't mature as quickly as the gas-fueled flame is rated at 200 degrees.  

With each fire you will notice the change in the patina color. Do not tarp your fire pit, the tarp will cause the patina to blacken and stop the oxidation process. In many cases, the color of the tarp will transfer to the new steel.

During the maturing process keep wet leaves and debris off the fire pit until the steel matures.  Allow the fire pit to mature with each fire.  Sit back, relax and enjoy your new Fire Pit Art®.

Gas Fire Pits Installation

Here is a video tutorial about how to install your gas fire pit by Fire Pit Art:

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