Smart Electronic Ethanol Burners

Smart Electronic Ethanol Burners are the newest, most technologically advanced addition to the ventless fireplace market. The power of clean, energy efficient, eco-friendly ethanol fuel combined with electronic controls make these smart burners a perfect solution for modern homes and commercial spaces. Whether you are renovating your existing fireplace or installing a new ethanol fireplace, a Smart Ethanol Burner is your opportunity to have an easy to operate, eco-friendly, modern fireplace that is designed for your interior at a fraction of the cost of any other type of fireplace.

These burners can be operated with a touch of a button, a remote control, or a smartphone app through a Wi-Fi connection.

An addition of electricity and built-in technology makes these ethanol burners even safer than before. Some of the safety features include emergency extinguishing, CO² sensors, overheating sensors, external heat sensors (to protect nearby items), and shake sensors to detect any malfunction and automatically stop the device in the event of anomalies.

High quality 304 stainless steel construction and 3-year manufacturer's warranty make these smart burners a reliable purchase that will serve you for years to come. Two finish options - stainless steel and black, and ability to add multiple burners for a continuous look or to surround a certain area or a room create endless design opportunities.

Two finish choices - stainless steel and black, many size options and the ability to add multiple burners for a continuous look create endless design opportunities. These burners can be used in- and outdoors and are highly efficient zone heating solution that will match any room environment. Ideal for apartments, houses, patios, bars, restaurants, and offices - enjoy the cozy comfort of a real flame fireplace anywhere. No smoke, no mess.