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Perfect Substitute for a Linear Gas Fireplace [New Product by Modern Flames]

Perfect Substitute for a Linear Gas Fireplace [New Product by Modern Flames]

Perfect Substitute for a Linear Gas Fireplace [New Product by Modern Flames]

Brand new, upgraded Landscape-2 electric fireplaces by Modern Flames are now available online at These modern electric fireplaces make a perfect substitute for linear gas fireplaces at 1/3 of the cost! Let's take a look at some of the main features.

5 Size Options

Landscape-2 series fireplaces available in 5 different lengths for any application: 40", 60", 80", 100", and 120" long and 15" high.

Modern Flames Landscape-2 Dimensions

2 Flame Options

One of he main additions in the Landscape-2 series is the two-color flame. Now in addition to the realistic natural orange flame you can have a modern blue flame and switch between the two with just a click of a button on the control panel or remote.

 Modern Flame Landscape-2 with Blue Flame

Modern Flames Landscape-2 Fireplace with Orange Flame

Clean Face Installation

Modern Flames Landscape-2 fireplaces feature full flame viewing area and clean face installation without any grills, glossy frames or other distractions. This unique frameless design allows for edge to edge flame representation as well as unlimited surround options.

Can be Installed under TV

With the heat vented out of the sides, Landscape-2 fireplaces can be safely installed under a TV with no minimum distance requirements.

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Safe for Kids and Pets

Like all the other electric fireplaces, the Landscape-2 series stay cool to the touch with heat on or off.

Supplemental Heat

Landscape-2 Series Fireplaces feature 2-stage coil heater that produces 5,000 BTUs - enough to add some warmth to a 450 - 500 sq.ft. room. The temperature can be controlled via the touch screen control panel or remote. The flame can also operate without the heater - perfect for warmer climates or summer time use.

Remote Control

All Landscape-2 fireplace functions can be managed via a disappearing touch screen located on the right hand side of the fireplace or a simple 6-button remote control. 


Landscape-2 Electric Fireplaces are an affordable alternative to linear gas fireplaces. Like other electric fireplaces, they cost only pennies a day to operate, regardless of the size. And the actual cost of the Landscape-2 Fireplaces comes in at 1/3 the cost of a comparable linear gas fireplaces.

Another 2 huge money savers are installation and maintenance. Landscape-2 fireplaces like other electric fireplaces are virtually maintenance free and will serve you for years with their long-lasting LED lights.  Installation is much cheaper also because no venting, fireproof materials, or gas lines is required. These electric fireplaces can be installed into any wall, even drywall, and all you need is a certified electrician to simply hardwire it into a standard 110 V 15 Amp electrical circuit.

Customizable Look

On top of offering two flame colors, orange and blue, Landscape-2 have 3 different decor upgrades to customize the look of the fireplace. They all come standard with a Glowing Coal Bed. If you are looking for a more realistic fireplace look, Hand-Painted Glowing Log Set will create that for you. For a more contemporary fell, there are 2 options to choose from: Glacier Crystal Diamond Glass and Big Glass Chunk Diamond Glass.

Modern Flames Landscape-2 with Coals

   Modern Flames Landscape-2 Fireplace with Logs 

Modern Flames Landscape-2 Fireplace with Small Crystals

   Modern Flames Landscape-2 Series Fireplace with Large Glass Crystals


Bottom line:

As you see Landscape-2 Electric Fireplaces by Modern Flames are perfect substitutes for linear gas fireplaces. Since their introduction, the original Landscape series fireplaces have been extremely popular among those looking for a better linear fireplace option. They have been installed in countless restaurants, hotels, and other commercial and residential settings. The improved Landscape-2 Electric Fireplaces with the added new features like orange and blue flame options, commercial grade motor for 24/7 use, and upgraded remote control will continue serving the needs of home and business owner looking for a reliable and affordable substitute to a linear gas fireplace.

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