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Ventless Gas Fireplaces FAQ's

What is a ventless gas fireplace?

A ventless gas fireplace, also referred to as a vent free or unvented gas fireplace operates without needing a chimney or external venting. It burns gas in a way that produces minimal exhaust allowing the combustion by-products to be released directly into the room.

How does a ventless gas fireplace work?

The functionality of a gas fireplace involves burning gas or propane with minimal emissions enabling it to release the combustion by-products directly into the room. It comes equipped with safety features like an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) that shuts off the gas if oxygen levels decrease. This type of fireplace is highly efficient and doesn't need a chimney or external venting.

How to install a ventless gas fireplace?

When installing a gas fireplace connect it to a gas or propane supply, position it securely in an appropriate location, and ensure proper clearance from combustible materials. Adhere, to the manufacturers guidelines. Consider hiring a professional to guarantee safety and compliance with regulations. Always ensure room ventilation. Install a carbon monoxide detector.