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Mother's Day Gift Specials from Modern Blaze

Mother's Day Gift Specials from Modern Blaze

We picked some cool gifts to surprise all the special women in your life. Flowers are great but they are banal and die too fast. Gift baskets are just boring.

Surprise them with a gift that is unique, beautiful, and lasting. Give them one of our table top mini-fireplaces and watch an amazed and mesmerized look on their faces when they first try it out!

These personal fireplaces can be placed anywhere and are perfect for decorating a dining room table or coffee table. Some of them can be even taken outside to add ambiance to an outdoor gathering. 

Tabletop ethanol fireplaces run on eco-friendly ethanol fuel. They create real fire without any smell or smoke. Make sure to pick up a case of fuel too because it doesn't come with the fireplace. (1 bottle of fuel will give about 5 hours of burn time)


Click here to choose one of many gorgeous table top fireplaces.

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