Amantii BI-72-DEEP WINS “Attendees Choice Award” 2 Years In a Row

Amantii BI-72-DEEP fireplace has won the HPB Expo’s “Attendees Choice Award” 2 years in a row! For more information on the BI-72-DEEP electric fireplace unit click here.

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Bio-Blaze Ethanol Fireplaces Featured in NBC's "American Dream Builders" Show

Bio-Blaze products are featured in "American Dream Builders" episodes 102 (in March, 2014) and 110 (in May, 2014).

Bio-Blaze Featured on American Dream Builders, NBCOne of the contestants has chosen to place Bio-Blaze products indoor and outdoor giving a great atmosphere to the makeover of the houses in Palm Springs, CA.

Team Red and Team Blue in competition used three of Bio-Blze products: Qube Large and Pipes for the patio and back yard, and Kairo with 2qt. Burner to decorate the dining room.

The Qube Large is a very elegant and esthetic fireplace. The simple square design makes it versatile for any décor, for use inside or out. It shows best when centrally located where the flame can be enjoyed from either side.

The “Pipes” are a refined stainless steel outdoor fireplace. These units were inspired by a modernized “Olympic Roman torch" and are a breathtaking and unique idea to illuminate the terrace, garden, pool or to enhance an outdoor event with the splendor of the blaze.

Bio-Blaze Burners allow you to include a custom fireplace that is built into the wall without a flue or chimney.  Creating the ambiance of a clean system without the gas or wood fireplace requirements is simple with Bio-Blaze ethanol burners.

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Modern Flames' Fireplace Featured in Russian Winter Olympics 2014

Modern Flames' award-winning model, the 100 in Ambiance CLX, was selected and featured on the set for the NBC 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

MODERN FLAMES 100" BUILT IN / WALL MOUNTED ELECTRIC FIREPLACE (AL100CLX) IN THE OLYMPICSModern Flames' 100-in. electric fireplace was chosen by top designers for Bob Costas' set. Modern Flames customized the fireplace that traditionally has a shiny black glass face to the needs of the production crew and made it glare free.

The Ambiance CLX Series is the newest and most innovative modern electric fireplace on the market. This is the next generation of modern electric fireplaces. With the same realistic flame pattern, these models are packed with extra features including recessed or wall mount installation, LED Flame Technology, and high-tech touch screen controls. This beautiful and functional electric fireplace will conveniently fit into any room or setting.

The extremely realistic looking flame brought a warm and welcoming feel to the NBC's set and helped create beautiful imaging for the Winter Olympics coverage. 

Discover more beautiful electric fireplaces by Modern Flames on our website by following this link.

Bio Flame’s Fireplace Featured on Popular New Zealand Reality Show "The Block"

Bio Flame's 48-inch ethanol burner was featured in the latest season of the reality show "The Block"

Bio Flame Fireplace Featured in Reality Show "The Block"Bio Flame Fireplace Featured in Reality Show "The Block"If you never heard about "The Block", the show is based on the Australian series of the same name, where four couples are each given 10 weeks to renovate a house that’s been assigned to them. Once the the projects are completed, the homes are put up for an auction on live TV, and the participants keep any profits over and above the reserve price. Plus, the couple with the biggest profit takes home an additional NZD $80,000. 

The Bio Flame's 48-inch custom fireplace was featured in the latest season of the show!

Watch The Block to see Bio Flame's custom fireplaces for yourself! 

Bio Flame’s ethanol burning fireplaces are growing in popularity with local builders aw well as with designers all over the globe. Whether you’re outdoors, in the living room, or another space where an intimate gathering can take place, Bio Flame's customizable fireplaces captivate the eye, offer warmth, and an atmosphere of relaxed comfort. 

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Bio-Blaze Burner Used in The Makeover of A Fireplace on American Dream Builders, NBC

The famous TV show on NBC, American Dream Builders, used Bio-Blaze burner 60cm - 23" in the makeover of a victorian fireplace.

Lukas Machnik, interior design, created a fireplace from the old kitchen marble and inserted the Bio-Blaze 60cm / 23" Burner .

If you are renovating or building a new home and you want to include a fireplace without a flue that is built into the wall, this can be simply done by inserting one of our bio-ethanol burners creating the ambiance of a clean system without the gas or wood fireplace requirements.

"....Finally to make it functional I popped in a Bio-Blaze fuel insert and now it's a new focal point that actuary works!..."Lukas Machnik interior design

You can watch the episode 109 with this burner in the Victorian fireplace style.

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